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Lynch School of Education

Alumni Profiles

educational research, measurement, and evaluation

Alumni Career Descriptions

The following career descriptions represent a selection of ERME graduates from 1990 to 2011 (in order of most recent graduation year).

**Please stay tuned for an updated list, expected to be posted by mid Oct, 2014**

Kara Smith, Ph.D. 2011
Research Scientist
College Board
Newtown, PA & New York City
l undertake research and analysis projects on large data sets to address questions associated with College Board assessments and educational initiatives.  I conduct applied measurement projects related to state and College Board assessment programs.  I design and conduct program evaluations that involve multilevel and/or causal modeling, experimental, and quasi-experimental methodologies.   I also design and conduct applied research projects that involve educational initiatives to evaluate their impact and inform local, state and federal policies.

Mac Cannady, Ph.D. 2011
Quantitative Research Specialist
Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California at Berkeley
Berkeley, CA
Mac provides research design and statistical analysis expertise to several projects within the Lawrence Hall of Science. His work aims to improve the internal validity and enhance the rigor and effectiveness of quantitative research and evaluation projects. Currently, he investigates pathways and barriers to STEM careers, analyzes the effectiveness of professional development programs, and reviews research on teacher education.

Nina Zockoff, M.Ed. 2011
Research Assistant
Rennie Center for Education Research & Policy
Boston, MA
Nina assists in the design and execution of research projects in public education policy.  This role supports the Rennie Center’s goal to develop effective education policy through examination of evidence, thoughtful discourse and informed action.  Her work contributes to all phases of the design and execution of qualitative and quantitative research projects, including: development of data collection instruments, sample selection, primary and secondary data collection, analysis of qualitative and quantitative data, and written reports.

Yves Salomon-Fernandez, Ph.D. 2010
Dean of Institutional Planning, Research and Assessment
Massachusetts Bay Community College
Wellesley, MA
Dr. Yves Salomon-Fernandez is responsible for all the traditional reporting functions of the institutional research office. In addition, she also supports faculty and staff in designing, implementing, monitoring, and assessing the achievement of college-wide goals. She is also responsible for developing and managing research efforts to integrate best practices of teaching, learning, and assessment to enhance learner success. She collaborates with the College’s leadership to make recommendations regarding workforce needs, industry trends, and training programs.

Lisa O’Leary Shuler, Ph.D. 2010
Associate Director for Assessment and Evaluation
Teaching & Learning Laboratory
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA
I work with faculty and departments to design and conduct qualitative and quantitative studies aimed at assessing and evaluating various on-going educational efforts at MIT, including initiatives focusing on interdisciplinary education, problem-based learning, and undergraduate research opportunities.

Kevin O'Neil, M.Ed. 2010
BETA (Blue Engine Teaching Assistant)
Blue Engine
New York City
I work in a high need public school alongside an official lead teacher to increase the rigor of every class for every student by lowering the student to teacher ratio and supporting students in small groups. I collect and analyze academic, behavioral, and other qualitative data to inform decisions regarding what to teach/reteach and how best to group students. In addition to academics, I support students in becoming self-regulated learners who take ownership of their own education.

Ebru Erberber, Ph.D. 2009
Research Analyst
American Institutes for Research (AIR)
International Development Division (IDD)
Washington, D.C.
I am currently involved in projects in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. My roles and responsibilities in our international projects include providing operational and technical assistance, mostly for the ministries of education, in the areas of educational standards, assessment, and evaluation. Specifically, the tasks that I take part in involve designing research strategies for measuring the effectiveness of project interventions; employing quantitative and qualitative analysis to identify linkages between the two; development and implementation of student achievement assessments that are aligned with the country specific content standards in reading, math, science, and social studies; providing trainings on item development and scoring procedures for test developers; conducting workshops for test administrators on test administration procedures, and providing support on analyzing data and reporting.

Kyle De Meo, M.Ed. 2008
Regional Educational Laboratory Northeast and Islands (REL-NEI)
Education Development Center (EDC)
Newton, MA
Kyle primarily works on  REL-NEI’s Reference Desk service which provides fast-turnaround responses to stakeholders’ education research questions. She is also involved in a number of technical assistance projects, including an analysis of states’ professional development policies for the New England Staff Development Council and a review of teacher leadership programs for New York State. Prior to joining EDC, Kyle worked at Strategies for Children as the Early Childhood Field Director for the Early Education for All Campaign where she trained and organized early educators in Massachusetts to use their experiences and research to advocate for high-quality early education services.

Wei Tao, Ph.D. 2008
Research Associate,
Measurement Research Dept
ACT Inc.
Iowa City, IA
Dr. Tao conducts psychometric and statistical research on the ACT test and other state assessment programs, i.e., calibrating new test items, equating scores from different forms, creating and validating scales. She also supports statewide testing programs by providing interpretation on test results and investigating issues concerned by state testing officials. The projects she has participated in include a study comparing different methods in generating domain scores, a study investigating whether allowing accommodations to English Language Learners (ELL) improves their scores, and  writing SAS codes to check consistency of a state testing data.

Tiffany Gueye, Ph.D. 2007
Chief Executive Officer
BELL (Building Educated Leaders for Life)
Boston, MA
Tiffany began with BELL in 1998 and as former Chief Operating Officer, Field Operations, led all program development, service delivery, assessment and evaluation activities, and policy-related initiatives. Through her leadership, BELL's programs and evaluation methods have been nationally recognized as best practices in out-of-school time programming (OST), and she is regarded as an authority on OST learning, measurement, and evaluation. Tiffany is a recipient of Boston College's Donald J. White Teaching Excellence Award and served as an instructor at Johns Hopkins University. She holds a B.A. in Psychology and a Ph.D. in Educational Research, Evaluation and Measurement, both from Boston College.  As of 6/8/2009

Lisa Famularo, Ph.D. 2007
Research Director
Rennie Center for Education Research & Policy
Cambridge, MA
Dr. Famularo is responsible for shaping and leading all aspects of the Rennie Center's research agenda. This includes designing large- and small-scale research projects on a variety of policy-relevant topics in education, conducting research (both quantitative and qualitative) and policy analysis, leading the writing of several reports and policy briefs each year, and supervising the research of scholars under contract with the Rennie Center. She makes frequent public presentations of Rennie Center research and works with diverse stakeholders to advance education reform in Massachusetts.

Carolyn Grim Fidelman, Ph.D. 2007
Research Scientist
Early Childhood, International and Crosscutting Studies (ECICS) Division
The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES)
Washington, D.C.
Dr. Carolyn Grim Fidelman, a new Research Scientist in the Early Childhood, International and Crosscutting Studies (ECICS) Division of NCES, provides technical advice on the studies in the areas of cognitive assessments, multilingual data collection issues, and statistical approaches to data analysis. Her expertise in the areas of applied linguistics, measurement and statistical research methods, and psychometric analyses will be invaluable in the development of the ECLS-K:  2011.

Jing Miao, Ph.D. 2005
Associate Psychometrician
Educational Testing Service
Princeton, NJ
I'm at Educational Testing Service as an associate psychometrician, working on two College Board testing programs, AP & CLEP. The two programs use different models and follow different operation cycles: AP is paper-and-pencil based, uses Classical Test Theory and tests once a year; while the CLEP is computer-based, pre-equated using the Rasch model and tests year-round. My BC education prepared me by giving me a foundation in psychometrics, from which I can further my knowledge.  

Craig Hoyle, Ph.D. 2004
Senior Research Associate
Regional Educational Laboratory for the Northeast and Islands
Educational Development Center
Newton, MA
Craig Hoyle, PhD received his Masters from ERME in 1994 and a PhD in 2004. In his time at BC, he has worked for CSTEEP, TIMSS and most recently as research support in the Dean's Office for the Lynch School. In his current work at Educational Development Center in Newton MA, Craig works as a senior research associate for the Regional Educational Laboratory for the Northeast and Islands. 


Julie A. Miles, Ph.D. 2004                                                                                              Vice President of Measurement Services                                                                       Pearson                                                                                                                           Iowa City, IA                                                                                                                Dr. Miles is responsible for delivery of full-range of content development, test development, project-management, publishing, and psychometric support on national- and state-level assessment programs that are predominantly online, high-stakes, computer-adaptive or involve technology-enhanced or “innovative” items.  She oversees and participates in company-wide process initiatives affecting dozens of projects including management of 180 staff comprised of content specialists, test development managers, program managers, digital composition specialists, artists, and designers working on multiple state-level projects (including VA, NY, DC, NJ and GA) as well as consortia-based or national-level projects (including SBAC, PARCC, GED, and Readistep).  She develops and implements quality processes for the delivery of test and measurement related services within and across Pearson locations.  She also provides solutions for proposal responses, contract costing and financial planning for test and measurement functional areas.  Additionally, she promotes the professional development of her staff and provides training to other functional areas on the role of Measurement Services staff within an assessment environment. 

Maria-Jose Ramirez, Ph.D. 2004
Education Specialist
Human Development Network
The World Bank Group
Washington, D.C.
I am working on a conceptual framework and survey on the characteristics and quality of educational assessment systems around the world. We are defining assessment systems as encompassing not just large-scale assessments/surveys, but also examinations and classroom assessment.  We are defining system quality as encompassing enabling environment (assessment policies, institutions, human/fiscal resources), system alignment (alignment of assessment with curriculum, textbooks, teacher training, etc.), and technical quality (assessment design, administration, analysis, use) issues.  I'll be writing a Case Study on Chile and supporting other developing countries in strengthening their assessment systems. So this work builds a lot on my ERME training. It also builds a lot on my professional experience working for the Assessment office in the Ministry of Education in Chile.

Sue Henderson, Ph.D. 2003
Senior Research Associate
Learning Innovations at WestEd
Woburn, MA
Dr. Sue Henderson is leading the evaluation of the National Science Foundation-funded GEOTEACH: Transforming Earth System Science, a multi-university partnership among the University of New Hampshire, Pennsylvania State University, Elizabeth City University, and Dillard University.  She also serves as the principal investigator of two studies under the Regional Educational Laboratory Northeast & Islands: a quasi-experimental study, The Impact of Benchmark Assessments on Student Achievement in Mathematics, and a study comparing the implementation of three different growth model approaches in mathematics achievement under No Child Left Behind in the state of Massachusetts.

Susan Gracia, Ph.D. 2001
Director of  Assessment & Associate Professor, Educational Leadership and PhD in Education Programs
Feinstein School of Education and Human Development
Rhode Island College
Providence, RI
Dr. Susan Gracia collaborates with faculty to design, implement, and improve the unit assessment system at the initial teacher preparation and advanced levels.  She also analyzes unit assessment data and disseminates results; conducts validity and reliability studies related to the unit assessment system; and teaches PhD courses in the areas of research design, research methods, survey design, measurement, and policy.

Steve Stemler, Ph.D. 2001
Assistant Professor
Wesleyan University 
Middletown, CT
My primary research interest is in developing psychometrically sound instruments that measure educationally relevant goals that extend beyond those typically assessed by conventional tests (e.g., wisdom, creativity, intercultural literacy, social intelligence, citizenship). I teach intro psych as well as introductory and advanced courses on psychological measurement, statistics, and conflict resolution.

Marguerite Clarke, Ph.D. 2000
Senior Education Specialist
World Bank Group 
Washington, DC.
Dr. Marguerite Clarke (ERME '00) works as a Senior Education Specialist at the World Bank Group in Washington, DC. She leads the Bank's efforts to help low-income countries put in place systems for assessing student learning, be those large-scale assessment exercises or more classroom- and teacher-based efforts. The work includes conducting research on assessment issues as well as working in Bank client countries around the world such as Ethiopia, India, Jordan, Kosovo, Lao and Mongolia. Current projects include helping countries to develop their own instruments for assessing early reading skills and creating tools and programs to help countries review and improve the quality, utility and sustainability of their overall assessment systems.

Jessica Greene, Ph.D. 1999
Director of Institutional Research
Office of Institutional Research, Planning and Assessment
Boston College 
Chestnut Hill, MA
Jessica Greene, PhD earned her bachelor's degree in Economics from Holy Cross (1989), her Master's in Management Research from the University of Southern California (1991), and her ERME PhD from BC in 1999. After working at the Lynch School for close to seven years as the School's Data Manager, she now serves as the Director of Institutional Research at BC, a division which manages all University-related data for institutional planning, policy formation, and decision-making. 

Ismael Carreras, Ph.D. 1998
Senior Research Director
Cambridge, MA
Dr. Ismael Carreras has been at Quintiles for over 9 years, and is the Group Leader of the Decision Modeling Group within the Market Intelligence division of Quintiles.  His job is to design and analyze quantitative research to answer complex business problems for clients, which include choice modeling, market segmentation, demand forecasting and pricing research, and message optimization.  Quintiles is the only fully integrated bio and pharmaceutical services provider offering clinical, commercial, consulting and capital solutions. Its 23,000 employees in 60 countries have helped develop or commercialize all of the top 30 best-selling drugs.

Sonia Sheffield, Ph.D. 1997
Executive Vice President
Management Insight
Marlborough, MA
Dr. Sonia Sheffield is the Executive Vice President at Management Insight - a small market research firm in Marlborough, MA.  She manages the company and leads research projects in the high-tech industry.

Sue Leibowitz, Ph.D. 1990
Research Manager
University of Massachusetts Donahue Institute
Hadley, MA
Dr. Sue Leibowitz has worked with federally funded multi-site national research and evaluation studies in applied settings, as well as numerous community-based projects. She has extensive experience developing research protocol, creating and administering surveys, and conducting statistical analyses of large and complex data sets. Many of the research studies have employed experimental research designs. She has also had extensive experience with various No Child Left Behind initiatives/programs and other efforts related to school improvement in the Commonwealth, including Reading First and Early Reading First, as well as a large number of professional development initiatives.