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Lynch School of Education

PSAP Alumni Profiles

lynch school of education

Susan Bonaiuto

Susan Bonaiuto
Ed.D. in Educational Leadership

Can you talk a bit about your time at Boston College?

On the first day of classes I wrote down the Lynch School mission statement clearly posted in the lobby of Campion: “enhance the human condition, expand the human imagination, and make the world more just.“ I have returned to that statement many, many times since – both as a guidepost in my practice and as a focal point for the many rich and thought-provoking lectures and discussions I experienced as a doctoral student.

I was fortunate to be a member of a 24-student cohort.  We ranged in age from about 30 to 60 and we ranged in professional experience as well. I entered the Boston College program for two reasons: to engage in a mid-career re-inspiration and to be challenged in ways that would elevate my professional practice. One of my surprises in that first week of classes was that I would receive that boost from many angles: the inspiration of some impressive professors, the rich discussions with my colleagues, thousands of pages of relevant and interesting literature, and my own research and practicum experiences. More information on Susan Bonaiuto...

Todd Curtis
Ed.D. in Educational Leadership

How did your time in the program help shape your career, goals, and perspective on education?

The quality of people with whom I interacted, whether that was the BC faculty, mentors from our dissertation committee, or colleagues in the cohort, was of such an incredibly high level – it changed me a lot. The theme that runs through the whole experience is of being provoked to think deeply, to reflect, to challenge my own beliefs and practices. It made me a better practitioner from day one by asking (perhaps forcing) me to think about what was most important as an educator, and to then view every action and decision through that lens. As far as my career, it didn’t so much change my goals as much as it enabled me to better pursue those goals I already had. More information on Todd Curtis...

Jodi Fortuna
Ed.D. in Educational Leadership

Were there any faculty members at BC that had a particularly strong impact on you?

Diana Pullin - Diana  taught me about the learning process. Academic success had always come pretty easily to me. Diana taught me about true scholarship which is a lot more difficult. I had to grow as a scholar in her class or else I would not have made it. She gave me a better appreciation of what my students and teachers go through when they are encountering new skills. More information on Jodi Fortuna...