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Lynch School of Education

Ted I. K. Youn

Associate Professor

Ted Youn, Lynch School of Education

My research focuses on the sociological analysis of higher education. Specifically, my work has been influenced by institutional theory in organizational analysis and politics in sociology. I have published articles and edited a book on organizational stratification and academic careers. My interest in institutional theory has led me to examine the role of higher education in reproducing status groups in modern society. My most recent work examines higher education and status group formation by focusing on generations of Rhodes Scholars in the American meritocracy.

Because of my research interests, I offer graduate courses in academic organizations, government and politics in higher education, decision making and policy making in higher education. I supervise doctoral students who are interested in these topical areas. Finally, my interest in higher education and the reproduction of status groups will lead me to the next project, the study of elite philanthropy and the evolution of American research universities. 

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