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Lynch School of Education

Robert J Starratt

Professor (Retired)


    During my doctoral studies at the University of Illinois I worked as a graduate assistant with Professor Thomas Sergiovanni. He invited me to coauthor with him a text on Instructional Supervision.  That involvement led to over forty years of scholarly work in that area, including the practice of instructional supervision in two different high schools as a principal.  That has kept my scholarly interests close to the teaching learning process both as a writer and as a professor working with aspiring school administrators. Along the way, I grew increasingly interested in the moral character of the learning process in schools, exploring the connection between school learning and the learner's sense of identity, and sense of active membership in the world. I have applied that particular view of learning to the work of teachers and of supervisors, and very directly into my own work as a teacher of aspiring administrators, exploring with them how what we learn in graduate school implicates us in taking responsibility for what we know and how that challenges our sense of leadership.  Fortunately, I have been blessed to work with wonderful human beings in my classes in the Lynch School who readily embrace that notion of educational leadership.

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