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Lynch School of Education

Ana M. Martinez-Aleman


Ana M. Martinez-Aleman, Lynch School of Education

As a critical theorist and researcher, I am interested in the ways in which colleges and universities can become equitable educational spaces. My theoretical and empirical work utilizes John Dewey’s pragmatism and feminist theory to understand college culture and its impact on the experiences of women and students of color. My recent work on online social media and online social networking seeks to understand and develop ways to use technology to promote critical engagement and academic success among underserved students.

Though each course I offer contains a particular set of learning objectives, all share a common denominator.  In every course I teach I strive to develop students' ability to critically understand educational experience, to develop students’ understanding of complex issues through careful and thorough analyses of interdisciplinary research and scholarship. As a teacher, I appreciate the weighing of evidence and the painstaking examination and inspection of rationale, explanation and implication.  I think it is valuable to present students with inconsistencies, ambiguities, paradoxes, and irony in order to induce not straightforward and superficial analysis but rather thoughtful and discerning assessment. 

Accountability, Pragmatic Aims, and the American University

Educational Excellence and Equity: Educational Attainment for Latinos

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