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Lynch School of Education

Master's Programs Overview

counseling, developmental, and educational psychology

The Mental Health and School Counseling programs offer a rich academic and applied experience, steeped within a social justice framework.  Our students, who come from across the U.S. and other parts of the world, are trained as practitioners ready to utilize their knowledge and skills to advance the human condition. Students benefit from diverse faculty interests and expertise in research and clinical work, an emphasis on multi-cultural competence, geographical proximity to a vast array of internship training experiences, and almost infinite opportunities for engaging in community-based practitioner-scholar work with diverse populations. 

Our master’s programs accept students interested in a terminal counseling degree or interested in pursuing further studies.  All faculty in our program teach at the master’s level, affording students the opportunity to get to know faculty, each of whom is a leading expert in cutting edge issues in counseling, psychology, and community-based social justice work. Many of our master’s students have found that earning their degree in our program offers them the opportunity to participate in research labs and work closely with faculty members, increasing their competitiveness in applying to doctoral programs.