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Emerging Mobile Technology in the Classroom

Associate Professor Mike Barnett provided a perspective on a new app that solves mathematical problems and the use of such emerging technologies in the learning process.

Getting Real about Rankings in India

Research professor and director of the Center for International Higher Education, Philip Altbach, writes that creating a grading mechanism for Indian universities from scratch, particularly in a large, complex, and a disorganized system, is a massive challenge.

Lynch School Researchers Win Grant for ELL

A team led by Associate Professor Patrick Proctor has been awarded a three-year, $1.47 million grant from the US Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences to develop a program to support Spanish-speaking students as they acquire linguistic awareness and other skills that can help them learn English.

Study Highlights Success of City Connects Program

Keating Chair Mary Walsh and colleagues published a 10-year study in the American Educational Research Journal, focusing on how addressing out-of-school factors in high-poverty schools produces dramatic improvement in student grades and long-term academic success.

CIHE Director Discusses Future of University Faculty

Philip Altbach, research professor and director of the Center on International Higher Education, writes about the future of full-time tenure-track faculty positions at U.S. universities.

Professor Talks Unemployment Rates of Advanced Degree Holders

Professor David Blustein discussed the rising unemployment rates of workers holding advanced degrees.

Professor Examines Large-Scale School Reform

Thomas More Brennan Chair Andy Hargreaves analyzes the benefits of gradually reforming schools based on Wales' educational improvement strategy.

East and West on Educational Leadership

Professor Dennis Shirley and Pak Tee Ng of Singapore's National Institute of Education discuss what East and West can learn from each other about educational leadership.

Professor Discusses Trend in Indian Post-Graduate Study Abroad Plans

Research Professor Philip Altbach, director of the Center for International Higher Education, explores the reasons behind the choices of post-graduate students from India to study abroad.

Doctoral Student Helps Return Lost 9/11 Photo

Doctoral student Elizabeth Stringer Keefe has been using social media for 13 years to help identify a wedding photo found near Ground Zero after 9/11. This year, her perseverance paid off.

Associate Professor Discusses Pros and Cons of Homework

Associate Professor Eric Dearing discusses alternative homework policies with Fox News Boston, after schools have started to join parents and students alike in a cry for less or different homework.

Professor Sheds Light on Trends of International Students in Higher Education

Research professor Philip Altbach, director of the Center for International Higher Education, writes about several trends of international students in higher education.

International Leaders Discuss Andy Hargreaves' New Book

Thomas More Brennan Chair Andy Hargreaves' new book, Uplifting Leadership, was discussed by international leaders in educational research.

Lynch Leadership Academy Director Named Education Fellow

Thaly Germain, Executive Director of the Lynch Leadership Academy, has been named a 2014 Pahara-Aspen Education Fellow, a selective group of innovative leaders recognized for doing exceptional work in education.

Associate Professor Discusses Aspects of Depression

As the memorial grows for Robin Williams in the Boston Public Garden, site of a scene from "Good Will Hunting," Lynch School Associate Professor Usha Tummala-Narra discussed aspects of depression, such as its frequent connection to drug dependency, in an interview with WCVB TV News.

What High School Grades Can Indicate

Associate Professor Karen Arnold discussed her research that tracked valedictorians after their graduation as part of a piece on what high school grades can predict about later college and financial success.

New BC Grant Programs Support Faculty Research

Lynch School of Education professors Mike Barnett and David Blustein have been awarded a $30,000 grant from the Office of the Provost as part of a new internal grant initiative designed to spur research across the University.

The Global Journal Race

Philip Altbach, research professor and director of the Center for International Higher Education, writes in University World News that universities are engaged in a global arms race of publication.

Lynch School Program for Bilingual Educators First of its Kind in Mass.

The Lynch School will launch a program in September to certify bilingual education teachers who work in schools offering dual-language immersion classes where English- and Spanish-speaking students develop fluency in both languages across their academic subjects.

City Connects Progress Report Findings Show Improved Test Scores, Reduced Dropout Rates

A new report about the City Connects intervention demonstrates that addressing the out-of-school needs of students living in poverty has a significant and lasting impact on academic achievement.

Australia's Education Solution

Professor Dennis Shirley co-authored an op-ed saying Australia doesn't need to import education reform ideas from the U.S. or elsewhere--its own Gonski reforms would remove the inequality which is holding its schools back.

Benefit of Working Moms

Caitlin McPherran Lombardi, Ph.D. '13, was the lead author of a study conducted with Professor Rebekah Levine Coley that found kindergartners from lower-income families who were babies when their mothers went to work outside the home fare as well as or even better than children who had stay-at-home moms.

Congressional Briefing on Unemployment Discrimination

Professor David Blustein discussed the psychological impact of long-term unemployment at a congressional briefing on Discrimination Against the Unemployed on June 9, 2014.

Grieving for a Perpetrator

In an interview with NBC "Today," Assistant Professor Usha Tummala-Narra says families of a perpetrator--such as Jared Padgett, the teen who shot and killed a schoolmate and wounded a teacher in Oregon last week before killing himself--have a more complex grieving process since they may lack a community of support.

Science Education Research Promotes Knowledge on Environmental Air Quality

Associate Professor G. Michael Barnett’s Air Quality Egg provides the public with pertinent data on air quality in their communities.

Allston Public K-8 School Recognizes LSOE Research Professor

Research Professor Dr. Irwin Blumer was presented the third annual Gardner Champion Award by the Gardner Pilot Academy on May 22, 2014.

Ph.D. Student Invited to White House Mental Health Forum

Sriya Bhattachryya, a doctoral student in the Lynch School’s Counseling Developmental Psychology program, was invited to the Asian American and Pacific Islander Behavioral Health Forum in Washington, D.C. on May 9, 2014.

How to Fix the Achievement Gaps

Visiting Associate Professor Martin Scanlan and Assistant Professor Rebecca Lowenhaupt write that opportunity gaps must be eliminated in order to close achievement gaps in an article for the Boston Globe.

Assistant Professor Elected as Chair to AERA Special Interest Group

Assistant Professor Vincent Cho was elected as the Collaborative Learning Chair for the American Educational Research Association’s Organizational Theory Special Interest Group.

SAT Changes Will Make the Test Similar to ACT

Associate Professor Karen Arnold was interviewed by NECN about the new changes that are in store for the SAT.