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The Future of India's Higher Ed

Research Professor Philip Altbach, director of the Center for International Higher Education, discusses his report on India's higher education system's "state of extensive decay."

City Connects Continues Success in Ohio

A Springfield, Ohio school is seeing growth under direction from City Connects, a program based out of the Lynch School's Center for Optimized Student Support.

The Psychology of Entrepreneurship

Lecturer Julia Whitcavitch-DeVoy discusses the psychology behind four main areas of successful entrepreneurship in an interview with the Boston Business Journal.

Affluence and Adolescents

A study co-authored by Associate Professor Eric Dearing is highlighted in coverage of a recent shooting death, reportedly of a wealthy father by his son in a dispute over an allowance.

Higher Ed Lessons Abroad

Research Professor Philip Altbach, director of the Center for International Higher Education, discussed the models of tuition-free higher education already in place abroad.

Influencers in Education

Brennan Chair Andy Hargreaves and Cawthorne Chair Marilyn Cochran-Smith have been ranked in the top 50 on the 2015 RHSU Edu-Scholar Public Influence list by Education Week.

Global "Academic Inbreeding"

Research Professor Philip Altbach, director of the Center for International Higher Education, and CIHE Associate Director Laura Rumbley found that "faculty inbreeding is common worldwide" in their new global study on "academic inbreeding."

Professor Receives Inspirational Teaching Award

Professor Lisa Goodman is the 2014 recipient of the Elizabeth Hurlock Beckman Award, which recognizes educators who have inspired their former students to make significant contributions to society.

Professor Elected to International Board

Brennan Chair Andy Hargreaves was elected as President of the International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement (ICSEI) for a two-year term beginning in 2017. Dr. Hargreaves will serve as ICSEI’s President-Elect until the start of his term.

Tech and Higher Ed

Associate Professor Karen Arnold discussed the use and necessity of technology within higher education's classrooms, including whether or not online forums truly contribute to the learning experience.

Professor Receives APA Award

Professor Brinton Lykes was recently chosen as the recipient of the Florence L. Denmark and Mary E. Reuder Award for Outstanding International Contributions to the Psychology of Women and Gender from the American Psychological Association.

Alumna's Legacy Continues Through Foundation

Carly's Kids—a foundation established in memory of Carly Hughes '11 to continue her passion for education and helping others—donated $10,000 to Holy Family School in Natchez, Miss., where she traveled with the Lynch School on service trips.

Professor Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Cawthorne Chair Marilyn Cochran-Smith received the Distinguished Scholar Lifetime Achievement Award from the Literary Research Association for her contributions to the field that have had a significant impact on the field of literacy theory, research, and practice.

2015 Grawemeyer Award in Education

Thomas More Brennan Professor Andy Hargreaves has been named a recipient of the 2015 Grawemeyer Award in Education from the University of Louisville for his research and writing about the development and support of effective teachers for all schools.

"States of Success" in N.E. Education

High-stakes testing, federal oversight, and services for English Language Learners were among the topics covered by three of New England's top education officials earlier this week at "States of Success," a forum the Lynch School hosted earlier this week.

City Connects Helps Students with Needs Outside of the Classroom

The program, which is housed at the Lynch School, is based on the idea that a child distracted by pain, fear, or deprivation can’t possibly do as well in school as a child without those challenges.

Future of Women-Only Universities

Professor Ana Martínez-Alemán and Kristen Renn, Ph.D. '98, comment on the rising popularity of all-female universities in the developing world.

NSF Features Lynch School Urban Science Ed

Associate Professor Michael Barnett discusses his urban science education foray into hydroponics with teens from BC's College Bound program, funded by the National Science Foundation.

Professor Delivers Lectures in Singapore

Professor Dennis Shirley delivered several lectures in Singapore earlier this year as part of his 2014 CJ Koh professorship, an appointment from the National Institute of Education.

Lynch School Ranks 5th for Alumni Salaries in Education

The Lynch School ranks fifth in the nation on a list of the top 10 colleges with the highest paid graduates in the field of education, based on salary data provided by PayScale.

Professor Discusses Child Immigration in Guatemala

Professor Brinton Lykes talks about what social and economic forces prompt children to leave their home in Guatemala, focusing on the psychological dimensions of unaccompanied child immigration.

Emerging Mobile Technology in the Classroom

Associate Professor Mike Barnett provided a perspective on a new app that solves mathematical problems and the use of such emerging technologies in the learning process.

Getting Real about Rankings in India

Research professor and director of the Center for International Higher Education, Philip Altbach, writes that creating a grading mechanism for Indian universities from scratch, particularly in a large, complex, and a disorganized system, is a massive challenge.

Lynch School Researchers Win Grant for ELL

A team led by Associate Professor Patrick Proctor has been awarded a three-year, $1.47 million grant from the US Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences to develop a program to support Spanish-speaking students as they acquire linguistic awareness and other skills that can help them learn English.

Study Highlights Success of City Connects Program

Keating Chair Mary Walsh and colleagues published a 10-year study in the American Educational Research Journal, focusing on how addressing out-of-school factors in high-poverty schools produces dramatic improvement in student grades and long-term academic success.

CIHE Director Discusses Future of University Faculty

Philip Altbach, research professor and director of the Center on International Higher Education, writes about the future of full-time tenure-track faculty positions at U.S. universities.

Professor Talks Unemployment Rates of Advanced Degree Holders

Professor David Blustein discussed the rising unemployment rates of workers holding advanced degrees.

Professor Examines Large-Scale School Reform

Thomas More Brennan Chair Andy Hargreaves analyzes the benefits of gradually reforming schools based on Wales' educational improvement strategy.

East and West on Educational Leadership

Professor Dennis Shirley and Pak Tee Ng of Singapore's National Institute of Education discuss what East and West can learn from each other about educational leadership.

Professor Discusses Trend in Indian Post-Graduate Study Abroad Plans

Research Professor Philip Altbach, director of the Center for International Higher Education, explores the reasons behind the choices of post-graduate students from India to study abroad.