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Faculty News

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Faculty News

Associate Professor of Applied Developmental Psychology Eric Dearing received a three-year, $150,000 Young Scholar award from the Foundation for Child Development for his project “Student Support in High Poverty Elementary Schools and the Achievement of English Language Learners.”

Thomas More Brennan Chair Andrew Hargreaves and Boisi Professor of Education and Public Policy Henry Braun presented a series of research papers on accountability and inclusion policies in education at the European Educational Research Association in Berlin. Lynch students Maureen Hughes ’14, Alex Gurn ’12, Karen Lam ’14, and Matthew Welch ’15 accompanied the professors and presented papers based on their research.

Associate Professor Audrey Friedman is the new assistant dean of Undergraduate Student Services. Friedman oversees the First Year Professional Development Seminar, the Undergraduate Research Fellows Program, and the student senate. She also serves as Lynch’s liaison to student families.

Associate Professor Mike Barnett, Professor David Blustein, and Director of Urban Initiatives Catherine Wong welcomed research colleagues from across the country to the Advancing Research on Youth Motivation in STEM conference sponsored by the National Science Foundation and held at Boston College in September.

Associate Professor Lauri Johnson hosted the 2011 International Successful School Principalship Project, a five-day conference, on campus.

Center for International Higher Education Director Philip Altbach presented his research on institutional resistance to studying private and for-profit universities at the European Association for International Education’s annual conference in Copenhagen.

Professor M. Brinton Lykes traveled to Guatemala during the summer to continue her work on the effects of migration on human rights of local families whose relatives have been detained in, or deported from, the United States. Lykes also worked on her ongoing project chronicling three decades of research among Mayan women who survived gross violations of human rights during Guatemala’s armed conflict.