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"Call to Action: Bringing the Profession Back In"

How does one develop professional capital? Dr. Andy Hargreaves explains the difference between professional learning and development and the return earned when you make an investment to foster both in his report, "Call to Action: Bringing the Profession Back In." The report comes from a research project led by Learning Forward, a professional learning association. 

Early Math Education: Important Knowledge for Children's Subsequent Achievement

Dr. Eric Dearing and his team reveal that early math education plays an equally crucial role in children's subsequent achievement as early literacy does. Their results suggest that early math skills learned with early maternal support have lasting and strong connections to long-term math achievement, regardless of demographics and a parent's level of education.

How Masculine Norms Can Lead to Poor Mental Health for Men

“With gender roles.... Females are encouraged to connect, and boys are encouraged to be self-reliant. In actuality, we need to do both,” reveals Dr. Jim Mahalik of the Counseling, Developmental, and Educational Psychology Department. In an article for The Christian Science Monitor, Dr. Mahalik connects strict conformity to masculine norms with poor mental health for men and explains the challenges associated with amending cultural norms.


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