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Emergency Closings

boston college law school

In case of inclement weather or other emergency, Boston College Law School will notify students, faculty, and staff about school cancellations or delays according to the following policies:

1.    School closings or delayed openings will be communicated in accordance with the procedure announced by the University’s Vice President for Human Resources: 

“In the event of a heavy snowstorm or other emergency necessitating cancellation or delay of work, employees should tune in to:

•    WBZ – TV News Channel 4,
•    WCVB – TV Channel 5 News, and
•    WBZ News Radio 1030AM,
•    Between 6:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. 

Employees may also call 617-552-INFO for information on an emergency closing or early release. 

Announcements will also be posted on the BC Info Homepage at

An announcement will inform employees if there is cancellation of work.  An announcement canceling classes at Boston College does not mean that there is cancellation of work.  The announcement will specifically mention that Boston College is ‘closed’ when employees are not expected to report.”

2.    The Law School will follow the University’s decision on whether to cancel or delay the opening of school.  According to the Vice-President, the University “rarely” closes.

3.    If the University states that classes will proceed on schedule but that the opening of administrative offices will be delayed, Law School classes will start as scheduled. 

4.    If the timing of a delayed opening of the University comes during a class period (for example, if school opens at noon and a class is scheduled to begin at 11:45 a.m.) you should assume the class will meet at noon, so long as the class will meet for at least 30 minutes according to the regular schedule. 

5.    If the class would meet for fewer than 30 minutes (for example, school opens at noon and a class is scheduled to end at 12:15 p.m.), you may assume the class will not meet, unless the professor specifies you will meet.

6.    Adjunct and full-time faculty who need to cancel individual classes, notwithstanding the School’s decision to remain open, should notify Academic Services (617-552-2527).  Individual class cancellations will be posted on appropriate classroom doors.