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Recruitment Guide

fall recruitment guide

Student Reference Guide for Symplicity

Questions about Fall Recruiting? View our FAQ's handout.

Each year Boston College Law School invites large, medium and small-sized law firms, corporations, federal, state and government agencies, legal aid offices and public defenders offices to interview our students.

This Guide contains information concerning the employers who accepted our invitation and will participate in the recruitment process:

I. On-campus Recruitment Program:
Employers recruit students at Boston College Law School or in the immediate vicinity. Fall on-campus interviews will be held on the following days: August 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15th.  September dates are available upon request.     Information on on-campus employers is posted on Symplicity (

II. Off-campus Recruitment Programs:
Students interview at an off-site location on one day. We conduct these programs in conjunction with other law schools in our two consortia, The Law Consortium and the Massachusetts Law School Consortium. Off Campus Programs are held in the following cities

Chicago - July 30, 2014
Philadelphia - August 8, 2014
New York - August 7, 2014
Los Angeles - August 4, 2014
San Francisco - August 5, 2014
Washington, DC - July 28, 2014
Miami - July 29, 2014

We will run a New Hampshire off-campus program through the National Recruitment Program with all the Massachusetts Law Schools.  The program will be held at Suffolk Law School on September 10th. 

Information on off-campus employers is posted on Symplicity. Please follow this link to off-campus information about these programs.

III. Massachusetts Consortium Recruitment Programs:
These interview programs are sponsored jointly by the eight Massachusetts Law Schools. They include two Government/ Public Interest Recruitment Programs, the first held on October 6th and 7th at Boston College Law School and the second on January 26 and 27, 2015 at Suffolk University Law School.

IV. Resume Collections:
Some employers who do not interview on-campus request that the Career Services Office collect the resumes of interested students and mail them as a group. Once we send a resume collection mailing, any future communication will come directly from the employer to you. Information regarding resume collection employers is posted on Symplicity.

V. Apply Directly:
Many employers prefer to have students forward their resumes directly to them, accompanied by a cover letter and/or other information such as a transcript and writing sample. We receive listings each year for summer, permanent and part-time positions. These positions are posted in the Job Postings on Symplicity.


What are the fall recruiting programs?
The fall recruiting programs are the most visible recruitment programs at the Law School. These programs bring to campus primarily large- and medium-sized employers who determine their hiring needs 9 to 12 months in advance. Participating employers also include some large federal and state government agencies and large public interest organizations. Small, private employers, public interest organizations and small state agencies generally do not recruit in the fall. These employers prefer to recruit in the spring and often expect students to apply directly to them.

A significant percentage of the second- and third-year students will accept positions as a result of fall recruiting. Other students will find their positions in the spring through apply directly notices, networking, personal contacts and spring on-campus recruiting.

The Career Services Office collects resumes of interested students and sends them to participating employers. The employers screen the resumes and select those students they would like to interview. Although employers realize that grades alone do not determine a student's future success, many firms and corporations and some government agencies continue to follow highly selective practices and screen resumes primarily on the basis of law school grades.

The Career Services Office does not prescreen resumes. We encourage those employers who send representatives on-campus to consider factors other than grades in the hiring process. Exact class rank is not available or computed at the Law School. Grade distribution charts prepared by Academic Services based on GPA's of the previous year are available to recruiters upon request.

Our experience has shown that students with diverse academic credentials and work experience can be successful in the on-campus process. Much depends on how flexible and realistic your career goals are. We strongly encourage you to speak with Christopher Teague, Kate Devin Joyce, Dorothy Commons or Douglas Saphire in the Career Services Office regarding your job search strategy. Appointments with Career Services Office professionals are particularly useful before the on-campus process begins. Remember, although this recruitment program is an excellent opportunity to speak with employers throughout the country, it is not for everyone.

Who are the employers who participate in fall recruiting?
Updated information is available at Symplicity. Check regularly for updates.

Should I participate in the fall interview programs?
You should first decide whether or not you would like to work for the type of employers who participate in the on-campus program. If the answer to this question is "yes," then we encourage you to speak with a Career Counselor to develop a job search strategy appropriate for your individual needs. If the answer is "no," we also encourage you to speak with a Career Counselor to develop an appropriate strategy to accomplish your career goals.

How many interviews may I receive through the fall on-campus and off-campus recruitment programs?
You may bid for as many employers as you would like. We ask students, however, to adhere to a 25 total on-campus interview limit for fall recruiting. This limit does not apply to off-campus interview programs or the semi-annual Government and Public Interest Programs. This guideline is intended to increase opportunities for the greatest number of students. Students are encouraged to research employers carefully and to submit their resumes only to those employers in which they have a sincere interest. Please speak with a Career Counselor if you receive more than 25 potential interviews to help narrow your choices.


The fall recruiting programs will be managed through a web-based program called Symplicity. This program allows students to:

  • search all of our employers participating in on-campus, off-campus and resume collection programs;
  • receive notification of interview selections by e-mail;
  • and sign-up for interview times on the Web.



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