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Public Interest Designation Program

public interest at bc law


The Public Interest Designation Program (PIDP) is designed to encourage, guide, and recognize current and incoming students who are committed to public service. PIDP is a holistic approach to legal education which prepares students both academically and experientially to begin a career in the public sector immediately upon graduation.

By participating in the program, students are choosing to contribute to not only the BC Law community, but also greater legal communities through their commitment to pro bono and public service work. PIDP furthers BC Law’s mission of “training a diverse student body not merely to be good lawyers, but to be lawyers who lead good lives, and who will be prepared to seek and to find meaningful work in service to others that will enrich their communities.” In addition, students in the program take part in meaningful pro bono experiences that benefit the legal community.

Students who complete PIDP’s four academic and experiential requirements are designated as Fellows and receive a letter at the award ceremony the evening before graduation. Additionally, these students may note on their resume that they “Completed the Public Interest Designation” or are a “Public Interest Designation Fellow.” The fourrequirements that students must meet in order to satisfy PIDP and be named Fellows are as follows:

  • A comprehensive in-class requirement. Each student must complete 15 hours of public interest coursework compiled from a list of classes applicable to public service, such as Environmental Law and Labor Law.
  • Participate in experiential learning offerings by completing a clinic, an independent study with corresponding pro bono placement, or a semester-in-practice at a public interest placement.
  • Spend at least one summer interning with a public sector employer.
  • Complete BC Law’s pro bono pledge by participating in 50-hours of public service.