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loan repayment and forgiveness program

Please help our graduates working in the public interest by supporting our Francis X. Bellotti Loan Repayment and Forgiveness program.  You can support the Bellotti LRAP program in at least three different ways:

   1) Donate to the Boston College Law School Fund.
   2) Create a fund whose money is dedicated solely to LRAF.
   3) Donate to an existing endowed LRAF fund.

1) BC Law School Fund Donation
The Boston College Law School Fund provides the lion’s share of LRAP funding.  This is an important general fund which supports many law school projects.  No qualified alumnus/a has ever been denied LRAP assistance by our Administration – largely because of the availability of funds from the Law School Fund.

2) Create an Endowed LRAF Fund
A second way to support LRAP is to create a fund specifically endowed for LRAP.  Interest from such an endowment will provide yearly funding directly to LRAP recipients while the endowment’s continued growth will continue to provide for LRAP recipients in the years to come.  It also guarantees that there will be a base level of LRAP funding in future years.  If you wish to establish your own fund dedicated to LRAP, you may do so by pledging $100,000 to be given over a period of up to five years. 

3) Donate to an Existing Endowed LRAF Fund
A third way to support LRAP is to donate to an already-existing fund dedicated to LRAP.  Donations of any amount can be made to such a fund. 

How to Donate
To make a gift to the Law School Fund, please visit the Law School Fund website at For more information on creating or donating to an endowed LRAP fund, please contact Lindsay Allen, Director of the Law School Fund, at 617 552 0054 or

Thank you very much!

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