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Job Search Handbook

office of career services

The Job Search Handbook summarizes different aspects of your legal career, both during law school and after. Within the handbook, you will find specific information to guide you through law school, including creating your resume, using Symplicity, and interview tips and techniques. You will also find specific job related information, including the clerkship application process, public interest funding and on-and off-Campus Recruiting.

  1.  Introduction
  2. Career Identification
  3.  Resumes
  4.  Correspondence
  5. Off Campus Recruiting Program & Symplicity
  6.  Job Search Strategies
  7.  Managing your Online Identity
  8.  Interviewing
  9.  Public Interest Jobs, Funding and Fellowships
  10.  Clerkships
  11.  Resources
  12.  Recent Employers

An online, interactive digital version of the 2013 Handbook is now available. View the Handbook (BC username and password required).