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matching law students and graduates to your hiring needs

Employers at a Career Services Event

While each year hundreds of employers recruit from Boston College Law School, our recruitment efforts are customized to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for law students for summer or part-time internships, or for full-time post-graduate or other alumni hires, we can assist you at every stage throughout the year.

Our Employer Recruitment Toolkit includes our Recruiting Form, Non-Discrimination Policy, Grading Sheet and Fair Labor Standards Act Fact Sheet for internships.

Above: Career Services staff with employers at a law school "Bootcamp" reception. 

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Leslie LeBlanc
Manager of Recruitment & Operations

Symplicity recruitment site

Five Ways to Recruit 

  • Resume Collections:  The benefit of a resume collection is that our office monitors the student applications and ensures the opportunity is well-promoted to students.  To receive this service, visit our Symplicity site.  Once your resume collection is closed, the Career Services office will review the applicants and forward resumes to you of interested students.  You then have the choice to invite select students to your office for interviews/phone screenings, or to have our office coordinate interviews for you on campus.  We can also discuss which students meet your hiring criteria.

  • Job Postings:  The benefit of a job posting is that you receive the applications directly from our students, recent graduates and alumni.  Please note that while we are able to tell how many potential applicants viewed the posting, only you will know who applied.  If you do not receive sufficient applications from our students, please let us know as we are always happy to do a quick turnaround resume collection. Email your posting to (include name/address of employer, contact person, phone and email address, short description of organization, position description, desired qualifications, salary/hourly compensation information, desired availability, instructions for how to apply including materials required, and deadline for posting). 

  • On-Campus Recruitment:  The benefit of on-campus recruitment is the ease it gives you to screen a larger number of candidates in either a full or half-day setting in our onsite interview rooms.  One full day on-campus interview schedule can accommodate up to 20 students.  All applicant selections are determined by you based upon your review of the applicant resume and other materials (100% pre-select).  Our office coordinates all interview schedule logistics.  Please note that our largest on-campus interview week is held in early to mid-August each year and there is a registration fee for this on the recruitment form.  We also host employers for on-campus interviews at other times throughout the fall and spring semesters depending on your needs.  

  • Government/Public Interest Recruitment:  With the Massachusetts Law School Consortium, we sponsor two government/public interest career recruitment programs. The first we host on our campus in October and the second Suffolk Law hosts on it's campus in January.  Visit the consortium's website at    

  • Regional Recruitment Programs:  Boston College Law School is a member of The Law School Consortium. Through the consortium, we participate in late July/early August recruitment programs in major US cities including Washington, DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami and Philadelphia.  Consortium law schools include Boston University, George Washington, Northwestern University, Notre Dame, and the University of Texas.  We also co-sponsor a recruitment program in New York each year with Boston University.  Visit the consortium website for more information:  



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