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Summary of Services

office of career services

Individual Counseling
We encourage you to make an appointment to discuss your career related questions with a professional staff member. We offer drop-in sessions Monday-Thursday from 12:30-1:30 p.m. when classes are in session.

Resume/Cover Letter Critique
Students may drop off resumes or cover letters at the Career Services Office. It will be critiqued and returned to you within approximately 3-5 business days. Please note, counselors cannot review cover letters and resumes during drop-ins.

Panels, Programs and Workshops
The Career Services Office invites alumni and other practitioners from a wide variety of practice settings to speak with students about their practice and their careers. These programs are important educational vehicles for students to learn about the practice of law and to meet practitioners in their areas of interest.

We also provide skills workshops designed to help prepare students for the job search process. These one-hour sessions have included presentations on: Resumes and Correspondence, Interviewing Skills, and Job-Search Strategies.

Recruitment & Interview Programs
Recruiting programs are managed through a web based program called Symplicity ( This program allows students the ability to:

  • Search all of our employers participating in on-campus, off-campus and resume collection programs. Also, search all employers submitting job postings;
  • Post their resume to the Web in a downloadable PDF format and submit it to Career Services electronically to be sent to employers;
  • Receive notification of interview selections by e-mail; and
  • Sign-up for interviews.

Job Postings
The Career Services Office receives job postings from employers throughout the year. These notices are for summer positions, permanent positions, and positions which are part-time during the academic year. They are located in the Job Postings on Symplicity.

Resume Collections
Some employers request that the Career Services Office collect the resumes of interested students and forward the resumes to them in one packet. Resume Collections are located in Symplicity under the Jobs/Resume Collections. It is recommended that you include a cover letter with these resumes.

On-Campus Recruiting
During the fall of your second and third year, many employers will interview students on-campus. If you choose to participate, you will find a list of participating employers in OCI on Symplicity.

Off-Campus Recruiting
The Career Services Office also sponsors Off-Campus Recruitment Programs for 2L’s and 3L’s in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago and Philadelphia. These programs take place during the Fall Recruitment season.

Massachusetts Consortium Programs
The Career Services Office coordinates several programs each year with the Massachusetts Law School Consortium. This Consortium is made up of the Career Services Offices at the seven Massachusetts law schools. Interviews for students from the seven schools are held at one central location.

Career Services Resource Library
The Career Services Resource Library includes books, directories, and periodicals and on a wide range of legal employment areas and issues.  The Career Services Resource Library is a non-circulating collection.

Job Search Telephone and Fax Machine
Students may make job-related telephone calls and send faxes, both local and long distance, free of charge. The job search telephone is located in the Career Services Office and students must sign-in at the front desk and log-in the calls that are made. If other students are waiting to use the telephone, there is a 30-minute time limit.  The fax machine is located in the Career Services Resource Library.

Video Conferencing
Boston College Law School is able to provide remote interviewing capabilities between our law students, law firms, nonprofits, and judges through videoconferencing.  Videoconferencing is a cost-effective way to conduct a meeting between two or more participants at different sites by using computer networks to transmit audio and video data.  A videoconferencing request form must be completed and submitted at least one week in advance of the videoconference interview.

Summer Employment Questionnaires
The Career Services Resource Library contains completed questionnaires in which second- and third-year students described their previous summer work experiences. They provide the names of employers who have hired BC Law students in the past and a description of the students’ experiences.  You may contact the students on campus for further information about an employer.  Please remember that the questionnaires reflect the students’ personal opinions.


Links to Career Related Resources on the Web
The internet has extensive information about careers, job search, employers and bar requirements. We have links to many of these sites. Legal Links

After your first year of law school, if you are looking for a job outside of Massachusetts and would like to use the resources of another law school, you may request that Career Services seek “Reciprocity” from another law school. Reciprocity entitles you to the privilege of visiting another law school's Career Services office. Occasionally a school may offer on-line access to their job postings, but in most cases you will need to actually visit the school.  Each Career Services office offers different services and has different limitations. We may have to make requests to more than one school to obtain permission. For additional information about reciprocity policies at particular law schools, visit


LL.M. Student Services
LL.M. students have access to all Career Services resources and events, except the Symplicity program, formal on-and off-campus recruiting programs, and certain other targeted-attendance events. Individual counseling and resume/cover letter critique are handled through the LL.M. Office. The LL.M. Office also organizes periodic workshops and other events tailored to the specific needs of LL.M. students.

Alumni Services
After graduation, the Career Services Office remains available to assist you in career development. Job announcements for alumni are available through Symplicity. To request access, please visit the alumni section of our website.