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Registration Instructions

office of academic services

Registration Instructions Online through Agora

In April, Academic Services sends students a degree audit that lists the courses taken to date. The degree audit also indicates your registration day and time. You may register at, or after, your designated time. If you do not register, you risk being closed out of courses that fill during the registration process. You must know your Username and Password to register. You will not be able to register if there are "holds" on your record (e.g., financial, health services).

You should plan your schedule carefully, including identifying first and second choice courses, before going on-line as you will not be able to register for courses that have conflicting meeting times. Students may only register for two limited enrollment courses in the initial registration process. A limited enrollment course is any course with an enrollment cap of 25 or fewer students. If you are eager to take a particular limited enrollment course, you should register at or near your authorized time. Reminder: You must attend the first class or speak to the faculty member prior to that class to hold your seat in a limited enrollment course. If you are interested in a "closed" limited enrollment class, you should attend the first class, or contact the professor, to indicate your interest.

You may change your schedule as many times as you want until the end of the drop/add period. You may drop any course, as long as you have a minimum of 12 credits for the semester. You may add only those courses that are still open for enrollment.

Cross Registration at Boston University School of Law

Courses at Boston University School of Law are available to Boston College Law students on a cross-registration basis, without payment of any additional fees or tuition, under the following conditions:

The course is not offered at Boston College Law School during the current academic year. Permission is granted by the instructor of the course. The appropriate forms are completed by the student.

Registration information and schedules are available in Academic Services, Stuart M308. For a listing of courses offered at Boston University School of Law, go to