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land and environment program


•Mark Barash, natural resource remedies

•Thomas Barnico, Attorney-General’s clinical program. state land & environmental regulations

Robert Brennan, Regulatory Skills, Land Use & Environmental Administrative Practice Workshop

Harlan Doliner, water law; corporate counselling for regulatory environmental compliance, environmental auditing techniques

•Dennis Duffy, energy law

Elizabeth Foote, FT, legislation and administrative processes, with special emphasis on environmental protection

•Allan Green, M.D., J.D., food and drug law

Dean Hashimoto, M.D., J.D., FT, toxic torts & epidemiology

Rudolph Kass, commercial leases

Howard Levine, advanced land transactions; state & local government

•John Moskal, energy law

Zygmunt Plater, FT, property law; environmental law; environmental seminars;
environmental law-teaching program

Joel Reck, commercial leases

Joan Shear, FT, environmental law research strategies

Paul Tremblay, community enterprise clinic

David Wirth, FT, international environmental law

Jon Witten, land use law; Indian and resources law