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Association of American Law Schools

2011 annual meeting

AALS Hot Topic Session--The BP Blowout Spill & Its Implications
Friday, January 7th, 2011

Special Location: Glide Church, corner of Ellis & Taylor, San Francisco 330 Ellis Street, adjacent to SW corner of Hilton Hotel

List of Presentations
Video-Schematic Chronology—Times-Picayune-“110 Days, Blow-by-Blow” [open with Browser OR SEE— ]
MP-3 Recording of the Panel Session
Powerpoint: Plater
Powerpoint: Fershee
Powerpoint: Osofsky
Abstract: for presentation #2
Research Group Submission to the National Commission: Boston College Research Group Submission to the National Commission: Minnesota [to be added...]
Video of Nov. 2010 Boston College Law School Symposium “Learning from Disaster”
Collected materials for teaching BP Deepwater Horizon Macondo, from Marc Poirier [to be added...]

Additional Information
President's Report: BP Oil Spill