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Many people are available to help you as you plan your three years at Boston College Law School and make your course selections for a particular semester. In your first year, you are each assigned a Faculty Facilitator. Feel free to call on that person for advice. In addition, all professors are available during their office hours for questions from students. If you want advice on a specific field of law, contact a professor in that field for course information.

In the spring, as you prepare for registering for fall semester classes, there are usually several general advising sessions to assist you in your selection process. These sessions are voluntary and last about one hour. It may be helpful, particularly for first-year students, to attend one of these sessions. It may also be helpful to read our Curriculum Guide, and Principles of Course Selection.

When you are ready to select courses and to register, please visit our courses page for more information on searching and registering for courses through the web.

Academic Support Program

Boston College Law School's Academic Support Program (ASP) is designed to help students adopt learning strategies in their first year of law school that will lead to academic success, and to reduce the sense of academic isolation law students may experience in their first year of law school. The Academic Support Program will provide daily office hours open to all 1L's. Students can drop by during the center's hours and meet with a tutor. No appointments are required. Tutors will focus on helping students with class preparation, outlining, and exam preparation.

The tutors will not be offering subject tutoring, but instead will help students identify the problems they are having in a course and try to help them address those concerns including suggesting that they meet with the professor.

Tutors can make arrangements to meet with students at times other than the regular office hours. Tutors will offer group sessions throughout the fall on topics that are on the minds of 1L's such as case briefing and outlining.

The Academic Support Program is open to all First-Year Students. 

Please contact Professor Elisabeth Keller at for more information.



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