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The practice of law requires a combination of talents: a quick and creative mind, an ability to adapt to changing circumstances, and a confidence that comes from being well prepared for every possible problem. The goal of our curriculum is to prepare students to be among the best in this demanding profession, both by giving them a thorough knowledge of the foundations of law through an extensive array of required and elective courses, and by encouraging them to think creatively in real-world situations, through our advocacy programs, clinical programs, and student publications.

First-year students take traditional courses such as Civil Procedure, Torts, Contracts, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, and Property. They also enroll in a two-semester legal reasoning, research, and writing and experiential learning course called Law Practice I and II, and take another 3-credit elective in the spring semester. In the second and third years, more than 200 elective courses are available. With the following exceptions, all upper-level courses are electives. Starting with the entering class of 2016, students are required to take Professional Responsibility, a course satisfying the Perspectives on Justice and the Law requirement, a course satisfying the Upper Level Writing requirement, and at least 6 experiential learning credits. A list of courses that satisfy these requirements can be found under Courses and Registration/Curriculum Guide. Boston College Law School also offers a semester-in-practice program in London combining legal placements and academic coursework. Other externship and exchange programs are available internationally as well, such as the HEAD program in Paris.

The Faculty at Boston College Law School strongly believes in the importance of a general legal education emphasizing preparation for a wide range of professional opportunities. The curriculum enables students to practice law in any jurisdiction in the United States.

We offer the Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree in a full-time only program. Study is conducted on a semester basis. Dual degree programs are offered with Boston College’s Carroll School of Management (J.D./M.B.A.), Graduate School of Social Work (J.D./M.S.W.), and Lynch School of Education (J.D./M.Ed. or M.A.) and others. We also offer a one-year LL.M. masters degree, primarily for international students.

Boston College Law School awards the traditional letter grades of A (4.0) through F (0.0). Official class rank is not computed, but the Office of Academic Services provides a statistical chart of approximate percentile ranges (e.g., top 10%, top 50%) based on grade point average.

Curriculum and Courses
Graduation requirements, information on the first-year program, upper-level courses and registration.


Clinical Programs
The BC Law Clinical Programs are some of the best in the country at giving you real-world experience.


Advocacy Programs
For information on first-year intramural, second-year extramural and third-year mock trial competitions.


Law Practice I & II
Learn more about our nationally recognized legal reasoning, research and writing program.


Independent Study
Guidelines for taking an independent study course.


Dual Degree
We offer several dual degree programs with other Boston College graduate schools.


For those interested in public service, the Law School now offers a Public Interest Designation Program.