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Frequently Asked Questions

first-year orientation

Do First-Year students need to register for classes?
No, all first-year students are automatically registered for their fall semester classes by Academic Services. 

Will I have an assignment for the first day of class?
Assignment for the first class will be sent to you via email by your professor. Some professors do not post an assignment for the first class, so do not worry if you do not see anything posted.

Can I get a copy of the book list for my section?
Books for all law school courses are stocked at the BC Law Bookstore located at the Law School, rm. KCL119.

I need a letter on Boston College letterhead stating that I am a full time student. Where do I go to get a copy of this letter?
Please stop by Academic Services, M308 to fill out a "student request form". An Assistant in the Dean for Student Services or Student Records office will generate this letter for you.

How many credits can/must I take per semester?
In the first year, all candidates for the J.D. degree must follow the prescribed course schedule. Students must take 52 credit hours during their second and third years. Each student must take no fewer than 12 and not more than 17 hours each semester. In unusual circumstances, exceptions may be allowed with permission in writing from the Associate Dean for Academic Services or her designee.

What are the graduation requirements?
To graduate, students must be in residence, full-time, for 6 semesters and must successfully complete a minimum of 85 credit hours. To be considered a full-time student in residence, a student must register for a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester. After the first year, students are strongly advised to take 26 credit hours per year. This will allow completion of the remaining 52 credits while maintaining a manageble course load in the last two years.

With the following exceptions, all upper-level courses are electives. All students are required to take Constituional Law II, Professional Responsibility, a course satisfying the "Perspectives on Law and Justice" requirement, a course satisfying the Upper Level Writing requirement, and a course satisfying the Lawyering Skills requirement.

Students are required to take only one course in professional responsibility, and only the "Professional Responsibility" survey course (LL955) will fulfill this requirement.