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Exam Conflicts and Rescheduling

office of academic services

A student will be allowed to reschedule one (1) exam to the designated make-up day at the end of the official exam period if a student has:

2 exams in 1 day
3 exams in 3 consecutive days
4 exams in 5 consecutive days

Students rescheduling an exam must do so in the Student Records Office in the Academic Services suite. Please stop by Stuart M308 to change the date of your exam and sign the necessary confidentiality oath.

Students with special accommodations should discuss their examinations with Maris Abbeme, Associate Dean for Academic, Career and Student Services, at least one week prior to the examination.

In case of an emergency (i.e., serious personal or family illness or crisis) a student should contact Dean Abbene as soon as possible to discuss rescheduling exams (617) 552-4348 or email <>.