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Exam Numbers
Most grading is performed anonymously by the professors. Every year, you are provided a four-digit examination number which you should use in lieu of your name on examinations and any papers that are submitted confidentially to professors. This 4-digit number begins with a "1", "2", or "3" to correspond to your status as a first, second, or third-year student. The number should be used for both the fall and spring semesters.

In the fall, Academic Services will e-mail exam numbers to students. By using his or her exam number, the student certifies that he/she has read the Academic Policies and Procedure guidelines. The number should be used for both the fall and spring semesters. A new examination number is issued each year. Failure to use the correct examination number may jeopardize entry of a student’s examination grades. Students are responsible for using the correct examination number at each exam. If a student has any questions or has forgotten his/her examination number, the student should come to Student Records Office (Stuart M308) before the examination.

Exams on Computer
Students who elect to take exams on a computer using ExamSoft can download an exam 24 hours prior to the exam. Monday and Tuesday exams should be downloaded on Friday morning. Academic Services will notify you via email as soon as an exam is available to be downloaded.

You will need internet access to download and upload your exam answers. As you will have two hours to upload your exam answers, you may do so from the Law School, or anywhere else you have access to internet connection -- within the time frame.

Instructions to download, take, and upload your exam can be found at <>. You will need your ExamSoft User ID and ExamSoft Password to download your exams.

You must arrive with your computer at least 30 minutes prior to the exam start time. This will allow time to set up the computer and will give proctors the necessary time to launch ExamSoft and read the start up directions before the exam begins. Your laptop must be up and running with the ExamSoft software at least 15 minutes before proctors begin reading the directions. If ExamSoft is not running, you will need to hand-write your exam answers.

Exam File Passwords
You will need a password to open your exam on the morning or afternoon of your exam. For those exams given on site (proctored exams) proctors will give you the password as part of the start up process. If you are taking an exam off-site, the password will be sent to your email address 15 minutes before the start of the exam.

Time Limits Upon Opening Your Exam
(for off-site exams and take-home exams)
Once you receive the password and open the exam file, the timer starts. For example, if you open a 7 hour take-home exam at 8:52 a.m., you must complete the exam by 3:52 p.m. These exams are timed, and will not allow you to work past the allotted time.

Take-Home Exams
Professors have the option to give take-home exams instead of in-class exams. Students who use ExamSoft may retrieve their take-home exams via the internet in the same manner they download the exam template files. Students who do not use ExamSoft, or would rather pick up exams in person may do so in the Office of Student Records, Stuart M308, between the hours of 9:30-10:00 a.m. and 3:00-5:00 p.m.

Procedure in case of illness during an Exam
If you are ill on the day of an examination, you should not go to the exam room. You should contact Elizabeth Rosselot, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, M308 Stuart, Telephone No. (617) 552-4337. If you become physically ill during an examination, you should inform the proctor immediately, hand in your exam book and report directly to the Dean Rosselot. In such cases, you will be escorted by a proctor. You must identify yourself as ill before the examination ends, as accommodations cannot be made after the fact for illness during an examination.

ExamSoft Technical Problems
If you are taking an exam off-site, or using ExamSoft to do a take-home exam and experience technical difficulties, contact the ExamSoft Help desk (toll free) at 866-429-8889. If you are unable to restart your exam with help from ExamSoft tech support, please contact Elizabeth Rosselot, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs at (617) 552-4337, or email Dean Rosselot immediately at If you are unable to speak to someone directly, please make sure to leave a message with the time that you called. We will return your call as soon as possible.

Illegible Exams
It is the responsibility of students in the first instance to produce legible examinations. In the event that a student's handwritten examination is illegible, the established Law School procedure is as follows: the faculty member should send the original examination back to the Student Records Office to preserve anonymity. The student will be notified by Student Records, and should then type the examination and send it back to the Student Records office. Student Records will return the examination to the Professor.

Exams on Computer
Examsoft, deadlines and registration.


Exam Schedule
Find out when & where your exam is taking place.


Conflicts and Rescheduling
The Academic Services Exam Conflict Policy.

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