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Mary-Rose Papandrea, Professor

j.d., university of chicago; b.a., yale university

Faculty profileThe Personal Approach

As one of the youngest faculty members at BC Law, students find Mary-Rose Papandrea to be very approachable and friendly. That fits right in with her teaching style, which is based on what she calls the “soft Socratic” method.

“I expect the students to do the reading every day, and I call on students at random,” she says. “But I'd like to think getting called on in class is not particularly intimidating, because my goal is not to embarrass the students but to help them understand difficult material…I make every effort to ensure the students understand the "black letter law" so that we can spend our time thinking about the more interesting policy implications of various legal rules.”

Papandrea finds BC Law students to be incredibly supportive of each other, smart, and engaging. “I welcome their frequent visits to my office because I remember how difficult it can be to figure out how to study for a law school exam, pick classes, or apply and interview for jobs and clerkships,” she says. “But I have to admit that one of the greatest things about teaching is getting to know the students outside of class.”

An expert in civil procedure, constitutional law, national securities/civil liberties, defamation and privacy law, Papandrea says that what makes BC really stand out from other law schools of its caliber is its emphasis on teaching. Although all faculty are engaged in their scholarship, they spend equal amounts of time preparing for class and meeting with students. “Professors are generally in their offices five days a week and routinely entertain students outside office hours,” she says. “The result is an atmosphere where the students feel comfortable with, and not intimidated by, their professors.”

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