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Frank Garcia, Professor

j.d., university of michigan; b.a., reed college

Faculty profileServing Others

When asked what he likes the most about teaching at Boston College, Frank Garcia talks about the School’s tradition of excellence, the Jesuit heritage of intellectual rigor and social responsibility, and the sincerity and high scholarly achievement of the faculty. But what really energizes him is the kind of students BC Law attracts, and their commitment to justice. “I've never worked with a better blend of ability, humanity and personality,” he says. “So many of our students are personally committed to making a positive contribution to a more just society. BC law students are not like other law students, and I am proud to be a part of bringing these kinds of lawyers into the world.”

Garcia tries to avoid lecturing in his classes, choosing to teach through discussion and student involvement as much as possible. He feels that thinking and communicating effectively for others in a public setting is essential for a successful lawyer. All of his classes involve a significant oral project usually done as part of a student team, which builds a strong sense of camaraderie and shared accomplishment. “I work very hard to encourage conversation and intellectual risk-taking, and will call on people only as a last resort,” he says. “I'd like to think that students feel respected as people, as future lawyers, and as thinking members of society.”

One of the most satisfying parts of Garcia’s job is helping students identify appropriate summer and term-time opportunities in his area of expertise, international economic relations. “I want to help them chart a course towards that dream job,” he says. “As the network of BC students I've trained who land these jobs grows larger, the momentum builds on itself in a very exciting way.”

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