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Adriana Dolgetta

j.d., boston college law school, 2010; a.b., harvard university

adrianna dolgetta

Adriana Dolgetta developed a passion for international human rights while at Harvard. She chose BC because she felt the school shared that passion. “I found an amazing community of students who truly care about the public interest, both through my involvement with the Holocaust/Human Rights Project and the broader PILF organization,” Dolgetta says. “One of the nicest things about BC is that even those who aren’t necessarily planning to spend their career in the public sector are open-minded about issues of justice, the challenges of equality, and the many ways that law can play a role in the hardest questions humanity faces.”   

She credits the accessible faculty for being willing to lend a helping hand, have a rousing discussion about policy or career choices, and serving as supportive sounding boards. She also points out the tremendous opportunities BC offers for gaining experience outside school. Dolgetta spent her first summer at an NGO in New Delhi, India, and her second-year spring semester with the London Program.

Her fellow students have made her feel at home. “The student organizations, including HHRP and LALSA, have helped me meet others who share similar backgrounds and interests,” she says. “But I’ve found that simply getting to know people in my classes was enough to feel that connection.”

Dolgetta is currently a Foreign Affairs Officer at the U.S. Department of State, where she helps implement justice reform, rule of law and counter-narcotics programs in the Afghanistan and Pakistan office of the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement.  She entered the State Department through the prestigious Presidential Management Fellowship program. She hopes to continue to explore her interests in international human rights law. “I remain open to any and all experiences that will make me a better advocate, and allow me to continue to feel excited and passionate about what I’m doing every day.”