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Renee M. Jones

associate professor. j.d., harvard university; a.b., princeton university

Renee JonesRenee Jones teaches students not only what the law is, but more importantly, how it is likely to change due to tensions in the real world.

“Advising clients requires knowledge, skill and good judgment,” Jones says. “A clear understanding of the policy tensions within a legal regime is essential to developing the good judgment necessary to help guide a client’s actions.”

Specializing in corporate law and securities regulation, Jones focuses on the development of legal systems that will help motivate corporate officials to further the interests of corporations and their constituencies rather than their own.  She addresses these issues in her scholarship and on her blog: Corporate Law and Democracy.  Her experience practicing law at Hill & Barlow in Boston allows her to offer students a firsthand insight into the practice, and to give advice on balancing the high-powered world of corporate law with one’s personal life. To Jones, this advice is especially important at BC Law, a school that attracts students who take their conventional career goals and social commitments equally seriously.

“The school’s Jesuit identity attracts many students with a commitment to social justice,” Jones says. “Our students demonstrate that commitment in numerous ways including volunteer and clinical work and public interest jobs.”

Jones’s willingness to share her experiences and her hands-on approach has allowed her to create close ties to her students both in and out of the classroom.  “I seek to maintain an interactive classroom environment and encourage all students to participate in class discussion,” she says. “Students learn best when they actively engage in applying the legal rules we study to analyze the kinds of problems that they will encounter in practice.”

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