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Vlad F. Perju

assistant professor. s.j.d., harvard university; ll.m., european academy of legal theory; ll.b., university of bucharest; maitrise, university of paris i (sorbonne)

Vlad PerjuVlad Perju admits that he asks a lot from his students—hard work, intellectual honesty and patience—but he has a lot to offer in exchange.

“My job in the classroom is to create an environment where all participants, myself included, should be able to find sufficient reasons to engage to the fullest,” Perju says.  “I offer my students virtually unlimited access to my time, and I feel very comfortable sharing with them my enthusiasm about our work together. It is a great pleasure and privilege for me to witness their first encounter with questions, puzzles and topics that have been in my mind for many years.”

Perju, who is constantly challenging himself along with his students, holds four different degrees, including a recent doctorate from Harvard University.  Although he adapts his teaching methods to the subject matter, his aim is always to inspire his students to join him on a common intellectual journey. 

After joining BC Law in 2006 as a visiting faculty member, he found the school to be a very supportive and friendly place, and he accepted a permanent position.  He will teach in a number of different areas including European Union law and American and comparative constitutional law.  His other interests include legal, social and political theory.

“I see BC Law as an ideal place,” he says.  “Bright and engaging students, path-breaking faculty, a wonderful library, a beautiful location – all conspire to make possible the kind of intellectual adventures that shape the lives of individuals and the life of the law.”

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