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Jennifer Kent

class of 2013; b.s., university of maryland, baltimore county

Jennifer Kent

As an undergraduate studying financial economics, Jennifer Kent was able to identify problems within our economic system, but felt powerless to do anything about them. She became determined to garner the tools necessary to become an advocate for truly effective change. At BC Law, she found an academic environment rigorous enough to ensure a deep understanding of the law--as well as a strong, supportive community that she embraced with open arms.

"BC is a great place to be a law student," she says. "The school attracts a special kind of person, and I knew I wanted to be a part of that. The students work hard, but they are extremely friendly and laid back--a rarity among law students."

Kent immediately became involved as an 1L section representative for both the Business and Law Society and the Black Law Students Association, and as a Co-Vice President of the Law Students for Reproductive Justice. She is currently President of the Black Law Students Association.

Last summer, Kent worked as a summer associate at Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP in Boston, a position secured through the BC Law network. "I was able to reach out to several alumni, who in turn helped me prepare for my interviews and gave me tips on how to ensure that I got the most out of my summer internship," she says. For Kent, the professional future is boundless. "I've learned that a career in corporate law and a commitment to public interest work are not mutually exclusive. Whether my role will be to help non-profits navigate the legal world, or to develop my own social programs, I know that a law degree from BC will be instrumental in reaching my goals."