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featured faculty and alumni

There are many measures of success. Statistics can measure and compare numbers--applications, LSAT scores and GPAs, employment percentages. But people are the heart and soul of any school, and we at Boston College Law School believe that our success can best be measured by their success. Our students are some of the most talented in the world; our faculty members are, simply put, brilliant teachers and scholars. Our administration is dedicated to helping provide the best legal education available. And our alumni--some 12,000 strong--have achieved the highest positions of leadership throughout the United States, not only in law firms, but also in business, government, the judiciary and non-profit sectors.

We're proud of our people, and we believe their stories are compelling. Take a moment to browse through our profiles of faculty and alumni, and we think you'll agree: there is no better way to introduce you to the heart and soul of BC Law.

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Richard Albert, Professor
Debra Eichenbaum
  "To teach at a Jesuit institution is to believe there is more to law than the black letter of its rules."


Ray Madoff, Professor
Debra Eichenbaum
  Madoff describes her teaching approach as "friendly Socratic," engaging her students through lots of questions.


Vlad F. Perju, Professor
Perju Vlad
  Perju, who is constantly challenging himself along with his students, holds five different degrees.


Renee M. Jones, Professor
Renee Jones
  Renee Jones teaches students not only what the law is, but more importantly, how it is likely to change.


Frank Garcia, Professor
Frank Garcia
  “I've never worked with a better blend of ability, humanity and personality.”


Mary-Rose Papandrea, Professor
Mary Rose Papandrea
  “The result is an atmosphere where the students feel comfortable with, and not intimidated by, their professors.”


Joseph Liu, Professor
Joe Liu
  When asked about the strengths of BC Law, Joe Liu mentions the overall quality of the faculty and the amount of attention given to teaching.


Mary Bilder, Professor
Mary Bilder
  Mary Bilder strives to bring energy and enthusiasm for the law into the classroom.




Jennifer Kent, '13
Debra Eichenbaum
  At BC Law, Kent became determined to garner the tools necessary to become an advocate for truly effective change.


Sana Sheikh, '12
Debra Eichenbaum
  During her second year, she became President of PILF, and became founder and President of the Muslim Law Student Association.


John Thomas H. Do '12
Debra Eichenbaum
  “In many ways, the lack of good housing opportunities is responsible for much of our county’s social ills.”


Adriana Dolgetta, '10
Debra Eichenbaum
  Dolgetta chose BC Law because she shared the school's passion for international human rights.


Jeffrey Glick, 11
Debra Eichenbaum
  He was looking for a school that had a strong reputation throughout New England.


Debra Eichenbaum, '11
Debra Eichenbaum
  She was drawn to the law through her love of social justic and desire to create change.


Cedric Ireland, '09
  He settled on Boston College because of the tremendous camaderie of its students and faculty.


Tracy Coogan, '09

A dual degreee candidate in law and education, Coogan has been very active in a number of school activities.

Donn Dingle, '10
  Dingle interned this summer for Chief Justice Martha P. Grace in the Office of the Juvenile Court of Massachusetts.


Shruti Kumar, '09
  She found the students and faculty eager to learn about different cultures, viewpoints and backgrounds.


Jonathan Shapira, '08
Jonathan Shapira
  During the summer after his first year, Shapira took a clerkship position at the Supreme Court of Israel in Jerusalem.


Emily Twiss, '08
Emily Twiss
  After just one day, Twiss knew BC Law and the sense of community she felt that day was for her.


Jane Hill, '09
Jane Hill
  She looked at BC Law because of its strong clinical programs and internship opportunities in urban areas.


Frank White, J.D. '06
Cameron Myler
  A seasoned long-distance runner, White has also managed to complete five marathons while at BC Law, and two Ironman distance triathlons.


Jermaine Kidd , J.D. '07
Jermaine Kidd
  When looking at law schools, he was impressed with BC’s reputation in the South, where he attended college.


Michelle Limaj, J.D. '07
Joshua Borger
  She is the recipient of the 2005 Massachusetts Association of Women Lawyers' Honorable Sheila E. McGovern Fund Award.