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Sana Sheikh

class of 2012; b.a., rutgers university


Sameer Sheikh ’13 worked in microfinance before coming to law school and found an industry filled with promise but dangerously unregulated. He wanted to make a greater impact in the field by working at the intersection of law and business.

Sameer initially approached getting his law degree as just another job to do, but Professor Ingrid Hillinger inspired him to become fully engaged with the community, challenging him to participate in class, inviting him to events, introducing him to key contacts within the profession, and advising him on everything from courses and internships to work-life balance.

Sameer became a student group representative, joined the Negotiation Competition team, took an internship at the SEC, worked at BC Law’s Community Enterprise Clinic, and landed a summer position at one of the most prestigious Supreme Court and appellate litigation firms in the world, Kellogg, Huber, Hansen, Todd, Evans & Figel, PLLC. Professor Hillinger has remained an essential confidant and advisor, encouraging him to consider all possible paths toward fulfilling his dream.

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