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Sana Sheikh

class of 2012; b.a., rutgers university


Adriana Dolgetta ’10 is a Foreign Affairs Officer with the State Department, working on Afghanistan and Pakistan rule of law and counter narcotics programs through the prestigious Presidential Management Fellowship Program. She helps design and fund the programs that are intended to develop the capacity of the Afghan government to provide justice to its citizens. Her job takes her all over the world.

During her time at BC, Adriana participated in several overseas opportunities, including the London Program. She also spent a summer in New Delhi, funded by the Law School. Professor Vlad Perju was a role model, confidant and friend, advising her every step of the way. Before she began her job search, Professor Perju helped her understand what practicing law in an international setting would be like, and what that would mean for her career. Where do you want to be? Which of these options makes you excited? What will you actually be doing day to day in your job—not just after graduation, but ten and twenty years from now?

It was the answers to those questions, Adriana says, that helped propel her toward the career of her dreams.

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