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Sana Sheikh

class of 2012; b.a., rutgers university


Alex Andalis ’09 holds a Ph.D. in molecular biology from MIT as well as a law degree from BC. He is a patent attorney for a multinational biotechnology company based in California.

He came to BC Law focused on a particular path. But taking a criminal course with Professor Sharon Beckman challenged his expectations of what law school could be. He was curious about the courtroom, and she encouraged him to apply for the Criminal Defenders Clinic, where students take on cases for actual clients in the Dorchester District Court.

Alex was a cautious person by nature, rarely speaking up in class. But being part of the clinic changed him in ways he had never imagined. Professor Beckman insisted that he push himself and step out of his comfort zone to attack his own weaknesses. He learned how to counsel clients effectively and stand firm in the courtroom to argue his case. As a result, Alex is now armed with the confidence to stand up for his position—whether before a judge or with other patent attorneys.

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