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It’s what the best teachers do: They lead by example inside and outside the classroom, helping students find their unique paths toward fulfilling legal careers.

At BC Law, students work closely with their professors in a collaborative environment to imagine new solutions to legal and societal problems. It's a “think tank” approach that builds community, fosters creativity, and encourages leadership while helping students discover their passion within the law.

The videos here contain stories of five unique faculty-student collaborations. They illustrate the foundational strengths of the BC Law experience: inspired teaching and mentoring; an engaged and diverse community; the pursuit of justice; a global perspective on the law; and a focus on experiential learning. The common thread that binds these stories is the relationship between professor and student, mentor and mentee. Our professors believe that becoming a great lawyer is about more than making partner or earning a big paycheck. It’s about finding your place in the legal profession—and the satisfaction that comes with helping to build a more just society.

VIDEO ONE: Teacher as Mentor