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One Community

diversity at bc law

Students Evangeline Sarda  

Many schools claim a commitment to the principles of equality. At Boston College, we follow through.

We believe ourselves to be "one community," united toward a common goal. We are a Jesuit institution, a tradition of equal justice and educational excellence that goes back hundreds of years. For us it is an article of faith that all men and women are brothers and sisters. We are passionately committed to fostering a supportive learning environment where diversity is celebrated.

Here at BC Law we have nearly 50 active student groups. Students of color make up 22% of our total enrollment. Our faculty include African-American, Asian-American, and Latino members and a nearly even mix of women and men. During the past decade, the Law School appointed nearly 20 persons to the full-time faculty, of whom 6 were members of minority groups and 9 were women.

Tracey West, Assistant Dean

The Spirit of Inclusion
A message from the Associate Dean for External Relations, Diversity, & Inclusion

We also have important programs in place to help make the transition to law school easier—very strong mentoring relationships with current students, alumni, and faculty, an academic support program that has been recognized nationally as a model in the area, and services for those with disabilities. We are constantly striving to find new ways to make our community even stronger.


Dean Vincent Rougeau, in his office

"A commitment to diversity is more than an institutional mandate: it is a cherished part of our Jesuit heritage. A truly just community embraces and celebrates a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives, and recognizes the value that comes from listening to every voice."

--Vincent D. Rougeau
Dean, Boston College Law School

Diversity Month is a particularly exciting time on our campus, celebrated with a series of events sponsored by student groups, the Law Student Association, and the administration. In years past we have held school-wide panel discussion on diversity among the BC Law community, where everyone is encouraged to speak out and find ways to work together on ideas that would promote diverse viewpoints on campus.

We recognize our responsibility to teach our students about the importance of diversity within the law and our society. We offer a variety of courses intended to do just that, including International Human Rights, Women & The Law Clinic, Understanding Urban Ecosystems, Sexuality & The Law, Religious Freedoms Moot Court, American Indian Law, and Advanced Immigration Law Seminar, among others.

BC Law was one of the first law schools to found a law review to study the issues surrounding underrepresented populations both within the U.S. and other countries. Begun in 1978, the Journal of Law and Social Justice is a unique legal periodical that fills the need for a progressive, alternative legal perspective on these issues. The Journal's scope includes issues affecting underrepresented populations, human and civil rights, immigration, women's and children's issues, and issues of disproportionate economic impact. Published twice annually, the Journal contains articles by outside authors, student notes, and student book reviews.

We understand that today’s law students are bright and motivated scholars, and that they come from all backgrounds and areas of the world. It is our duty to encourage a dedication for service to others and a respect for each individual. As you search for the most appropriate law school for you, we urge you to visit our campus, speak to our students, and experience what it is like to be a part of the BC Law community. We’re sure that you will be pleased with what you find here--one community united in a love of the law, a concern for each other, and the pursuit of educational excellence.

Nondiscrimination Policy: Boston College Law School is committed to a policy against discrimination and harassment based on age; sex; race; color; religion; national origin or ancestry; sexual orientation; disability; or marital, family or military status (the complete text of the Law School's policy against discrimination and harassment, including a description of grievance procedures, is available in the Law School's Academic Policies and Procedures handbook.)

Diversity at BC Law: Student Profiles

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