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the east wing


The East Wing, a $16 million, multi-use classroom and office building, opened in January, 1999.

The state-of-the-art facility includes five classrooms, 26 faculty offices, administrative offices for a Career Services Center and a Career Resources Library, two conference rooms, a student lounge, and the John J. and Mary Daly Curtin Public Interest Center, a suite of offices for student groups working on public service projects.

Designed to give students the utmost in computer connectivity, each of the seats in the East Wing's classrooms is completely wired for data transmission and electrical power, as well as providing wireless network access. This allows students to plug in their laptops at their seats and gain access to Web-based legal tools on demand, and helped BC Law earn recognition for being one of the "most-wired" law schools in the country. In addition, professors are able to fully control web-based tools and displays from their computers and access screens at the front of each of the five classrooms housed in the new building.


The East Wing's brick exterior complements the new law library and the Stuart House administration building, to which it connects, as well as the Barat House alumni and development building. The three buildings form an attractive interior courtyard for outdoor use by the law school community.

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