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GROUNDED IN THE HIGHEST ACADEMIC AND ETHICAL STANDARDS and the galvanizing Jesuit ideal that we all can make a difference in the world, we bring people from many walks of life into a scholarly community that’s eager to make the future more just for all. Our teachers inspire. Our classrooms sizzle with exciting ideas. And our experiential programs stimulate with real-world challenges across the globe.

Sarah Sherman-Stokes

"I am so lucky to have had the mentors and professors I’ve had at BC. They really made me who I am as an attorney and gave me the tools to succeed. I’d like to think that one day I could do that for other students.”

--Sarah Sherman-Stokes ’11


»Areas of Focus: International, constitutional, business and emerging enterprises, immigration, environmental, criminal, family, tax, and intellectual property law, human rights, dispute resolution, experiential learning

»200+ elective courses; view our sample course listing and employers sheet (PDF)

»Year-long Law Practice class plus upper-level legal research and writing electives: for more, see our first-year curriculum

»A faculty of world-class scholars and mentors: see our faculty pages

»10 advocacy teams

»Dual degrees in business, social work, education, urban and environmental policy, philosophy

»The BC Legal Services LAB, founded 45 years ago and part of the Center for Experiential Learning, is a model for law clinics around the world

»Worldwide externships, Human Rights Program placements, clinical opportunites, public interest offerings, and independent study options: see Experiential Learning at BC Law


»A BC Law professor's amicus brief, filed with the Supreme Court regarding the healthcare law, was one of only a few that advanced a taxing powers argument, which ultimately prevailed

»A part of Romania’s Commission on Constitution Reform, a member of our faculty was an author of that country’s new constitution

»A faculty member's latest book Aftermath is one of The Atlantic's "Best Books on Justice"

»A BC Law professor is among the Annual ABA Blawg 100 for his sought-after writing on mergers and acquisitions

»One of our professors stopped a pork-barrel dam and saved an endangered fish



Foley Moot Court Room
The Foley Moot Court Room provides state of the art training facilities for students.
We redefine excellence in teaching:

“We’re not just teaching material to take tests on. We’re helping people shape themselves for a role in society. We're creating men and women of competence and conscience--competence at the level of excellence.”

--Dean Vincent Rougeau

Additional Resources:

Our Faculty
More on Curriculum

We're experiential learning trailblazers:

“We have some of the most well-established clinical programs in the country. We’re not newcomers to this at all. In fact, we are pioneers. What we’re trying to do now is take it to the next level.”

--Professor Francine Sherman ’80

We offer collaborative problem solving:

“I’ve enjoyed the intellectual fervor of the student body, our heated debates on all sorts of legal issues, our friendly competitiveness, but most importantly, our willingness to help each other without pride or prejudice.”

--Don Dingle ’10

Additional Resources:

Advocacy Programs
Law Practice