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'PatCon'-The Patent Conference

conference papers

Jonas Anderson- Soft Deference

Carliss Y. Baldwin & Joachim Henkel-The Impact of Modularity on Intellectual Property and Value Appropriation

Gaia Bernstein- Incentivizing the Ordinary User

James Bessen and Grid Thoma-Which Patent Systems Are Better For Inventors?

Michael J. Burstein- Exchanging Information Without Intellectual Property

Tun-Jen Chiang- The Reciprocity of Search

Colleen Chien- Rethinking Patent Disclosure

Chester S. Chuang- Does Venue Transfer Affect Outcome in Patent Litigation?

Ralph D. Clifford- Is It Time for a Rule 11 for the Patent Bar?

Jorge L. Contreras- Fixing Frand

Jorge L. Contreras- Commons Formation and Patent Deterrence: Assessing the Genomics Experience

Michael D. Frakes- Appendix

Michael D. Frakes and Melissa F. Wasserman- Does Agency Funding Affect Deciscionmaking?: An Empirical Assessment of the PTO's Granting Patterns

Stefania Fusco-Markets and Patent Enforcement: A Comparative Investigation of Non-Practicing Entities in the US and EU

Paul R. Gugliuzza- The Federal Circuit as a Federal Court

David Levin- Cardozo on Patent Claim Construction and Interpretation

Oskar Liivak- The Statutory Basis for the Doctrine of Equivalents

James Bessen, Jennifer Ford and Michael J. Meurer- The Private and Social Costs of Patent Trolls

Joseph Scott Miller- Function Talk in Patent Claims? Follow the Statute

Emily Michiko Morris- "Overbreadth" As Oversimplification

Christina Mulligan & Timothy B. Lee- Scaling the Patent System

Daniel C. Fehder, Fiona Murray and Scott Stern- Intellectual Property Rights and the Evolution of Scientific Journals as Knowledge Platforms

David S. Olson-From Federal Common Law to Textualism: The Evolving Interpretation of Patent Cases in the Supreme Court

Lucas Osborn- The Broadening Concept of an Infringing Offer to Sell

Kristen Osenga- Abstract

Joshua Sarnoff- Governmental Innovation Mechanism Choices (with reference to Climate Change)


Ted Sichelman- Markets for Patent Scope

Katherine J. Strandburg- Intellectual Property at the Boundary

Elizabeth Townsend Gard- Traditional Contours in Intellectual Property: Before and After Golan and Prometheus

Sarah Tran- Policy Tailors and the Rookie Regulator

Samson Vermont- Basing Patent Damages on Harm to the World Rather than on Harm to the Patentee

Liza Vertinsky- Using the Law to Align Incentives with Needs in Public Private Partnerships for Drug Discvery and Development: Insights from the Emory Drug Discovery Institute

Saurabh Vishnubhakat- Reconceiving the Patent Rocket Docket: An Empirical Study of Infringement Litigation 1985-2010

Melissa F. Wasserman- APA, AIA, and the PTO: The Changing Guard of Patent Law