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BC Law to Host Conference on Bellotti '52: 'Government Lawyering by the People's Lawyer'

2013 news archive


Newton, MA--Boston College Law School will be hosting a conference on June 13th examining the role of state attorneys general, focusing on the independence and professionalism of the modern office in both its civil and criminal functions. The conference, ‘Government Lawyering by “The People’s Lawyer”’ will highlight the tenure of former Massachusetts Attorney General Francis X. Bellotti ’52.

Bellotti served as the Commonwealth’s AG from 1975 to 1987. His tenure has been widely lauded by former and current state attorneys general, and has also been praised by the National Association of Attorneys General as a national role model for modern office of the state attorney general.

Speakers at the conference will include former governor and presidential candidate Michael Dukakis, as well as BC Law Dean Vincent Rougeau. Conference panelists include former AG Scott Harshbarger, Supreme Judicial Court Justice Margot Botsford, Thomas Kiley, who served as First Assistant AG during Bellotti’s tenure, former U.S. Attorney and BC Law faculty member Don Stern, former AAG Garrick Cole ’73, Jim Tierney, who directs Columbia Law School’s state AG program, former U.S. Congressman and Norfolk County DA William Delahunt ’67; Stephen Delinsky ’70; Paula Gold ’67; John Montgomery ’75; Hon. Barbara Rouse ’73, Chief Justice, Massachusetts Superior Court; and Hon. Mitchell J. Sikora, Jr. ’69, Massachusetts Court of Appeals.

Bellotti’s legacy at BC Law is substantial. A 2010 gift from Arbella Insurance (as well as individuals associated with Arbella and Bellotti) endowed the school’s primary loan repayment and assistance program (LRAP), which now bears his name. The Francis X. Bellotti LRAP awards thousands of dollars each year to indebted students working in law-related public interest fields who earn less than $60,500 a year. Bellotti, along with AAGs S. Stephen Rosenfeld and Donald K. Stern, also helped establish BC’s Attorney General Clinical Program in 1975, which is now in its 38th year. The program, which has been praised by every AG (including Thomas Reilly ’70) since its creation, remains essentially unchanged from its genesis, placing a dozen BC Law 3Ls in year-long internships in the Administrative Law and Trial Divisions of the AGO’s Government Bureau. Six current and a dozen former AAGs are graduates of this program, including both current program directors.

To view the conference agenda and register online, please visit the conference website.