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Albert Named Founding Member of I-CONnect Blog

2012 news archive


Newton, MA—BC Law Professor Richard Albert has been named a founding member of a new scholarly blog called I-CONnect, launched jointly by the Oxford/NYU peer-edited law journal I-CON: International of Constitutional Law and, a scholarly organization which provides information to and consults with constitutional designers around the world.

I-CONnect will serve as the blog arm of the journal I-CON, and its creators intend it to cover the most recent news in the field. According to a statement by editorial director Joseph Weiler (New York University Law School), I-CONnect will provide analyses of recent developments in comparative public law, article reviews, article reviews/responses, book reviews/responses, as well as self-standing posts about comparative public law.

“There was a time when a journal like I·CON sought to publish “Recent Developments” to keep its readers abreast of….recent developments,” Weiler writes. “That has become laughable in the age of the Internet. The normal cycle of journal publishing renders all that ‘recent’ stuff stale by the time it hits the page and screen. In our vision, those developments will have been noted, discussed, debated on I·CONnect weeks and months before they hit I·CON [as peer reviewed articles]…I·CONnect will be much more, however, than a vehicle for the speedy report and reaction. Thoughtful conversation, reaction to articles in I·CON, trying out of ideas which later may mature into something more lasting, and the great virtue of deliberative communication – the multilogue which the social media allow are complementary and truly unique virtues of the net.”

“I’m thrilled to be a part of this exciting new venture,” Albert said. “I-CON is the best journal around for comparative public law, and I’m working with some of the very best people in the field. It’s an honor to help launch the new site.”

Along with Albert and Weiler, the I-CONnect team consists of editor-in-chief Michel Rosenfeld (Cardozo Law School),'s director Tom Ginsburg (Chicago Law School), Ran Hirschl (Toronto), and David Landau (Florida State).