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Greenfield's 'Myth of Choice' to be Released Fall 2011

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The book cover of "The Myth of Choice"


Newton, MA--The Yale University Press has released its fall catalog, announcing the forthcoming release of Kent Greenfield’s THE MYTH OF CHOICE: PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY IN A WORLD OF LIMITS, and revealing the cover design of the book.



According to the Press, Greenfield’s “provocative” book “poses unsettling questions about the choices we make. What if they are more constrained and limited than we like to think? If we have less free will than we realize, what are the implications for us as individuals and for our society?”



Greenfield’s book begins with his knowledge of law and then ranges widely, tapping “into scholarship on topics ranging from brain science to economics, political theory to sociology.” He uses a variety of sources, including an “entertaining array of news events, personal anecdotes, crime stories, and legal decisions.”  The book also “offers useful suggestions to help us become better decision makers as individuals, and to ensure that in our laws and public policy we acknowledge the complexity of choice.”



Greenfield wrote the book after studying the concept of choice in the context of several seminars over the last few years at BC Law.



Greenfield is Professor of Law and Law Fund Scholar at the law school, where he teaches constitutional law and corporate law.  Before coming to BC, he clerked for Justice David Souter on the Supreme Court of the United States.  He blogs frequently for The Huffington Post.  This is his second book, and the first for Yale University Press.



THE MYTH OF CHOICE is scheduled for release in October.  It is available for pre-order on and




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