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Clinical Professors Illuminate AALS Workshop

5/08/07--BC Law clinical professors presented and assisted with several important presentations during the "Challenging Assumptions" event in May.

5/08/07--During the first week of May 2007, the American Association of Law Schools (AALS) held a Workshop on Clinical Legal Education entitled "Challenging Assumptions." The Workshop's theme turned the standard motif of clinical training that encourages students to challenge their assumptions back towards the professors to challenge their own assumptions. 

At the 5-day conference held in New Orleans, numerous BC Law Clinical Professors contributed.  Professor Sharon Beckman presented a current research project challenging the common assumption that criminal profiling is only a police practice by showing how even Justices of the United States Supreme Court resort to criminal profiling when resolving constitutional questions in criminal cases.  Professor Evangeline Sarda and Lecturer in Law Lynn Barenberg (along with former BC Law Professor Carwina Weng) led an experiential workshop on identifying and testing individual and collective assumptions about race in clinical practice by linking how we construct our personal and professional identities to how we construct case theory and strategy--and the impact this has on teaching and supervision.  Professor Alexis Anderson led a working group of professors who teach in civil litigation clinics and facilitated their discussion of conference topics.