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75th Class Enters BC Law

9/08/04--Boston College Law School is pleased to welcome the entering class of 2007, one of the most competitive and impressive in the history of the Law School. A number of records were broken this year, including an all-time high 7,852 applications received for just 260 places, or 30 candidates for every seat in the entering class. The number of applications received once again puts BC Law among the top few schools in the country in application volume.

“We continue to attract some of the best and brightest students in the world,” said BC Law Dean John H. Garvey. “I’d like to thank all those who helped shape this impressive group. We’re very pleased to welcome the class of 2007 to Boston College Law School, and we look forward to great things ahead.”

This year’s entering class will help celebrate the Law School’s 75 years in existence. The class of 2007 is the most diverse in the school’s history, with over 25% students of color. 53% are men, with an average age of 25. Entering students represent 25 states and over 100 different colleges and universities. Twenty-five percent are students of color, while 28 students in the entering class hold a Master’s Degree and 4 hold PhD.’s. Median LSAT scores were 164, and median undergraduate GPA stood at 3.61. Forty-five students graduated Phi Beta Kappa from their undergraduate program.

“The statistics only begin to illustrate the enormous talent and potential we have in this class,” said Elizabeth Rosselot, Assistant Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid. “We have former legislative aids, litigation specialists, analysts, system engineers, Army Intelligence Officers, Fulbright Scholars and Woodrow Wilson Fellows. Some have started their own companies. We have a professional opera singer, ballet dancer, and marathon runners. It’s simply a remarkably diverse and well-rounded class.”

The class of 2007 has an extensive record of public service: it includes a number of students who have served in Americorps, the Peace Corps and Jesuit Volunteer Corps as well.