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Advocacy Awards Banquet Highlights 2004 Success

5/03/04--The William E. and Carol G. Simon Oral Advocacy Program Annual Awards Banquet was held on Wednesday, April 29, and marked the end of a notably strong 2004 for Boston College Law School Advocacy teams.

“This has truly been a banner year,” said Director of Advocacy Programs Alexis Anderson. “More teams won their Regional competitions and went on to the Nationals than I can ever recall, and we had one National victory, as well as a number of best oralist and best brief prizes at various stages of other competitions. We also had more students participating in the 1L competitions and in [BC Law internal competition] Grimes Moot Court than I can remember during my time here.”

BC Law Teams in Constitutional Law, Client Counseling, Intellectual Property, National Moot Court, and National Mock Trial competitions all advanced to the national level in 2004. All performed well against teams from all over the country. The Braxton Craven team won its National competition.

In his keynote speech during the banquet, BC Law alum Frank Bellotti ('52), a former Mass Attorney General and partner at Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo P.C., recognized how important it is for the Law School to have a well established advocacy program and clinics. “That range of opportunities simply didn't exist when I was here,” he said. He went on to discuss how he had encouraged other alumni who had worked with him in the AG's office, such as Don Stern and Tom Barnico, to come back and help build these programs at BC Law.

The 2004 Joseph F. and Mary M. Gill Award for Outstanding Mock Trial Participant went to Sharon Lahey. This year’s Award to Best Third-Year Oralist went to Jennifer Bombard.

Anderson made a special effort to point out the extraordinary work by the members of the Board of Student Advisors, the organization that runs the competitions. “This year’s BSA chairs conducted their programs with the explicit goal of teaching advocacy – whether it be negotiation skills, oral advocacy, trial skills or client counseling,” she said. “They structured their programs to ensure that the participants in the various events could hone their skills through repeat performances, through practice rounds, through incorporation of detailed feedback. More than any group with which I have had the pleasure of working, this year’s chairs operated with one mission foremost in their minds – the training of effective advocates.”

Full list of award winners and teams

Negotiation Competition Awards
Presenters: Professor Paul Tremblay, coach, presenting on behalf of himself and Professor Alan Minuskin, co- coach; P.J. Hannon and Latesha Lipscomb, Co-Chairs
Winners: Emily Armstrong, Matthew McGinnis, Vanessa Olivier, and Eleanor Williams
Finalists: Meagan Garland, Liza Mamtani, Keturah Martin, and Sarah Wellings

John J. Fitzgerald Client Counseling Awards
Presenters: Professor Evangeline Sarda, coach; Patrick Jackson and Allen O’Neil, Co-Chairs
Winners: Alison Lasseter and Megan Smiley
Finalists: Keturah Martin and Sarah Wellings

Mock-Trial Competition Awards
Presenters: Kelly McGee and Darryl Roberts, Co-Chairs
Winners: Sharon Lahey and Christine Siscaretti
Finalists: Jeffrey Gilbreth and Brian Korn

Wendell F. Grimes Moot Court Competition Awards
Presenters: Brandon Barkhuff, Kelsey Knox and Doug Tillberg, Co-Chairs
Winners: Jon Berroya and Jason Casero
Finalists: Thomas Holden and Sarah Thomas
Best-Brief: Courtney Harrison and Kristin Potdevin
Best-Brief Finalist: John Verble Hobgood and Lisa Lipman
Best Oralists: Jon Berroya and Kevin Heffel
Best Final Round Oralist: Jon Berroya

Frederic N. Halström National Moot Court Team
Presenters: Dean Henry Clay and Chief Justice Herbert Wilkins, coaches
Team: Brandon Barkhuff, Adam Bovilsky, Kenneth Byrd, and Lisa Palin

Awards to J. Braxton Craven Moot Court Team
Presenter: Professor Thomas Barnico, coach
Team: Jennifer Bombard, Kelsey Knox, Sarah Newhall, Joshua Walls

Awards to Phillip C. Jessup International Moot Court Team
Presenters: Professor Thomas Carey, coach, presenting on behalf of himself and co-coach Professor David Wirth
Team: Dana McSherry, Rita-Anne O’Neil, Heather Sprague, and Jeremy Valdez

Awards to National Frederick Douglass Moot Court Team
Presenter: Professor Alexis Anderson, presenting on behalf of Professor Anthony Farley, coach
Team: Rodney Alberto, Kali Billingslea, and Tavares Brewington

Awards to National Environmental Moot Court Team
Presenter: Professor Zygmunt Plater, coach
Team: Michael Burkett, Katie Conrad, and Jeremy McDiarmid

Awards to Saul Lefkowitz Trademark Moot Court Team
Presenter: Professor Joseph Liu, coach
Team: Sheila Bautista, John Choe, and Helle Sachse

Awards to John J. Gibbons National Criminal Procedure Moot Court Team
Presenter: Professor Robert Bloom, coach
Team: Jeffrey Gilbreth, Brian Korn, and Katherine Norman

Awards to National Mock Trial Team
Presenters: Professor Cathleen Bennett and Professor Paul McManus, coaches
Team: Anna Conrad, Sharon Lahey, Aaron Sato, Christine Siscaretti, Jeremy Valdez, and Emily Yu

Board of Student Advisors, 2003-2004 Executive Board
Co-Chairs: Deshala Dixon & Jeremy Valdez
Moot Court Co-Chairs: Brandon Barkhuff, Kelsey Knox, & Doug Tillberg
Mock Trial Co-Chairs: Kelly McGee & Darryl Roberts
Negotiation Co-Chairs: P.J. Hannon & Latesha Lipscomb
Client Counseling Co-Chairs: Patrick Jackson & Allen O’Neil
3L Representatives: Adrienne Barnett, Jenn Knowles, Aaron Sato, & Emily Yu
1L Representatives: Keturah Martin, Elisabeth Ryan, & Lindsey Wolfe