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Negotiation Competition Finals

10/16/03--The finals of the Boston College Law School Negotiation Competition took place on Wednesday, October 15, 2003. The two winning teams will advance to represent BC Law in the regional competition; team 2 of Vanessa Olivier and Eleanor Williams, and team 36 of Emily Armstrong and Matt McGinnis. View photos from the competition

"What a remarkable opportunity to observe incredibly talented negotiators in action,” said Director of Advocacy Programs Alexis Anderson. “All eight 1L finalists exhibited highly developed negotiation skills designed to serve their clients very effectively. In my tenure as BSA's faculty advisor, this year's finals showcased the best advocates I've yet seen. Our judges' panel faced an incredibly tough decision as any of the participants would have represented BC Law with style."

This year’s competition featured 53 two-person teams negotiating on behalf of fictitious clients in matters related to sports law. To get to the Finals, each team advanced through four single-elimination rounds.

In the competition, each team is given general information and confidential information that is unique to their client. Negotiations last forty minutes and are followed by a short period during which teams evaluate their own performances and answer questions from the judges.

In addition to BC Law Professor Robert Bloom, the judges’ panel this year included Kristen Kuliga, founder of K Sports & Entertainment, Christopher Brown, a ’98 BC Law graduate and member of Murtha Cullina LLP, and Mary Clements Pajack, a ’91 BC Law graduate and attorney at Mofenson Law Offices.

The four teams that competed on Tuesday for the chance to represent BC at the ABA regional are:
Team 2 - Vanessa Olivier and Eleanor Williams
Team 5 – Liza Mamtani and Meagan Garland
Team 11 – Keturah Martin and Sarah Wellings
Team 36 - Emily Armstrong and Matt McGinnis

" I'd like to thank our judges, and the members of the BSA who worked so hard to put this together," added Anderson. "Everyone performed with intelligence and professionalism. Good luck to our winners in regionals!”