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Client Counseling Competition Winner; Moot Court Teams

2/7/02--Boston College Law School’s Client Counseling Competition was held on January 31, 2002, with the team finalists Karen Kim and Chanterelle Sung, and Brandon Barkhuff and Doug Tillberg, squaring off in a closely contested event. Barkhuff and Tillberg eventually took the title after two "very effective" sessions, according to BC Law Advocacy Director Alexis Anderson.

"Many 1Ls honed their interviewing and counseling skills during the last month," Anderson said. "The finalists demonstrated that quite different lawyering styles can be very effective."

The judges for the event were Ann Donovan, Esq., Lynn Barenberg, LICSW, and Gary Gill-Austern, Esq. Sponsored by the ABA and the law school Board of Student Advisors, the Client Counseling Competition provides an opportunity for law students to develop valuable skill in interacting with and proposing solutions for clients. The competition simulates an office environment "consultation" in which the attorneys meet their client for the first time. Each team of two attorneys attempts to obtain the legally relevant information from the background factual context and then supplies the client with a preliminary summary of the client's legal position and the client's possible actions.

The recent internal competition will serve as a springboard for the winning team, as they head for New York City to Cardoza Law School this week to go up against other teams from around the area. This is a busy time for advocacy teams, as BC Law’s Jessup Moot Court team heads to Western New England Law School, Braxton Craven Moot Court team prepares for battle, and the Mock Trial competition is almost underway.