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  • Administrative & Technology Resources (ATR)

ATR is responsible for fiscal affairs, personnel administration, physical plant and supplies for the law library, and for computing and communications support (front line assistance, policy and planning, installation, training, etc.) for the law school.

The Agora Portal is a central place where a wide variety of information or services from multiple sources are accessible. The information available in the Agora Portal is based on your role(s) (e.g., faculty, staff, student or applicant) at Boston College. Your role(s) determines your access for reading, searching, updating, and personalizing the information and services in your portal.

Information regarding office telephone and voicemail.

        MyFiles@bc will be retired on December 31, 2015. At that time, any data on MyFiles@bc will no longer be accessible.


  • Assess. Review what you store in MyFiles@bc, and determine if there is anything you need to keep. If you no longer need the files stored, no action will be required.
  • Secure, Restricted, or Confidential. Determine if you have any secure, restricted, or confidential data you need to keep, and stay tuned for recommendations on where to move those files. To learn what data is secure, restricted, or confidential, go

Retirement date: December 31, 2015. Recommendations and instructions related to moving files you need to keep. Learn

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Questions? Email ATR or call 617-552-2604.