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Supreme Court to Address Link Rot in Opinions

The Supreme Court has announced that it will take steps to preserve and make available web-based content cited in Court opinions by providing copies of the cited materials on its website. A 2013 study found that more than 50% of the URLs in Supreme Court opinions suffered from link rot. BC Law's law reviews use Perma to provide permanent citations to web-based content. Photo by Brian Smithson, CC BY.

New Supreme Court Term

Monday, Oct. 5, 2015, marks the beginning of a new Supreme Court term.  For court watchers, this means eagerly watching oral arguments, awaiting rulings that will likely be handed down in June 2016, and debating how those rulings will shape the political climate in a presidential election year.  The Legal Eagle Blog talks more about what cases are being heard this term.  Photo by Phil Roeder, CC BY.

Law Book List for Additional Study Materials

The Law Book List compiles useful addition study materials for 20 different law school courses.  Find useful information about study aides and practice exams from many different law schools, for courses such as tax, property, constitutional law, and civil procedure.  If you find a study aide that looks helpful, search the library catalog to see if it is available at the Law Library.

Celebrating Banned Books Week

"No list available will give the names of all the books that you would want kept out of your lending library." So wrote the Secretary of Boston's own New England Watch and Ward Society in a letter dated July 8, 1930. While the threat of censorship may be less apparent today, the American Library Association's Banned Book Week is an opportunity to celebrate the freedom to seek out and to express ideas and viewpoints, even unpopular ones. Stop by the law library's Banned Book Week exhibit to learn more about books that have been banned and challenged in the United States.

American Museum of Tort Law Opens in CT

The American Museum of Tort Law is open for visitors! Founded by consumer advocate and presidential candidate Ralph Nader and located in his hometown of Winstead, CT, it houses artifacts from a number of landmark consumer protection cases, including a Chevrolet Corsair. Nader's 1965 book Unsafe at any Speed drew from over 100 lawsuits claiming that the Corsair's poor handling had caused accidents. Legal Eagle BlogPhoto by Crwpitman, CC BY-SA.

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