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Boston College Law Library

Welcome New Students!

The law library extends a warm welcome to new 1Ls, LLM students, and transfer students!  We are excited to meet you, and we hope you will stop in to explore all we have to offer, from help with your research and technology questions to headphones and phone chargers.  If you can't find what you're looking for, just stop by the Information Desk.  Photo by Nathan, CC-BY-SA.

Do Papers with Short Titles Get Cited More Often?

A new article in the Royal Society of Open Science suggests they might. The authors claim their results "are consistent with the intriguing hypothesis that papers with shorter titles may be easier to understand, and hence attract more citations." The paper focuses on scientific publications, so we can only wonder if it might hold true for legal scholarship as well. Image by Adrian Letchford et al., CC-BY.

The Library Now Has Standing Desks

Looking to study standing up?  The Law Library now offers two types of standing desks.  Stop by the Information Desk to check out a portable desk, or head up to the third or fourth floor to use the larger standing desks located there.  Image by JMatthew, CC-BY-SA

New Manuscript - Revolutionary Period Reference Letter

In this letter, dated 1783, Peter W. Yates, Esq. of Albany, NY, endorses Anthony Hoffman's good moral character and affirms that Hoffman has clerked in his office for one year.  Hoffman would have needed this reference letter as part of his application to the bar - to learn more about the process of becoming a lawyer in Revolutionary America, visit the Rare Book Room Blog.


The 20th Edition of the Bluebook is Here!

The 20th edition of the Bluebook is now available, and it includes important changes related to archiving and citing internet sources.  The new edition of the Bluebook is available on reserve in the library, from the BC Law Bookstore, and through the online Bluebook.  Legal Eagle Blog.  Photo by sparkle-motion, CC-NC.

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