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Uniform Commercial Code Reporter-Digest

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The Uniform Commercial Code Reporter-Digest is a research tool used by practitioners to find case law on various commercial law topics. It was founded in 1962 by the late William Willier, Professor of Law at Boston College, and is now published by Matthew Bender & Company, a division of Lexis/Nexis. The Digest serves as a comprehensive research tool for cases decided by all federal, state and bankruptcy courts addressing issues related to the Uniform Commercial Code. It is available in a multi-volume loose-leaf text series, on CD-ROM and online through Lexis/Nexis. Since its inception, Boston College Law School students have been the sole source of case law annotations published by the Digest.

Second-year students serve as staff writers and are responsible for annotating a significant commercial law case each week. Commercial law issues often arise in the context of contract disputes, tort claims and bankruptcy proceedings. These issues typically relate to secured transactions, transactions in goods, banking, and investment securities. To ensure that each annotation is of publishable quality, third-year editors train the staff writers and review all submissions through a multi-tiered editorial process. Every staff writer is published. In gaining exposure to multiple issues during the year, Digest members enjoy a diverse writing experience while developing the ability to apply statutory language to complicated fact patterns concisely—an essential skill when practicing in every area of the law.

Digest members do not cite-check articles or compose single topic notes. Second-year Digest members are required to take Secured Transactions in the fall of their second year.

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